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Winter Wonderland ATCs

7 Jan

Thanks to everyone who sent in a Winter Wonderland ATC for the monthly challenge. I know that December is a busy month for lots of people and I appreciate you taking the time to create art for the blog.

We had some fun entries, as always, and I love them all. We have fabric and paper and buttons and sequins and quotes and glitter. Fun fun fun!!!

Enjoy the show.

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And now to the winners.  We have 2 winners this month. YAY! Using random.org the winners are……Asha Watson and Debbie Avery. Congrats and I will get your ATCs to you.

The January theme is CIRCLES. I hope you get a chance to make some ATCs for this theme.


Let Your Inner Artist Out To Play

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December ATC Challenge – Winter Wonderland

1 Dec

It is a new month and time for the next ATC challenge. December’s theme is Winter Wonderland. This should be a fun month. There is so many ways to interpret this theme. The winner of the November ATC challenge – Give Thanks – will be posted in a few days. So you do still have time to get me your November ATCs this week. 🙂


It is cold out today with a fresh skiff of snow on the ground, so this theme is appropriate. Luckily today is my day off (although I have a long to-do list) so I don’t have to go out at any particular time and can wait for the sun to come out.


I have to say I’m not a huge fan of winter. I don’t really like being cold (except when I’m having a hot flash), and I don’t like driving on snowy or icy roads. I don’t ski or snowboard so I’m not overly excited when the high country gets snow dumped on them. I don’t like that it is dark so early either.

© Ann Schorr | Dreamstime Stock Photos

© Ann Schorr | Dreamstime Stock Photos

But I do like sipping  hot chocolate and hot coffee and hot tea when it is cold. And I like making soups and stews (which seem to be winter meals). I love Christmas and seeing the holiday lights go up in the neighborhood. I can listen to the holiday music as much as I want to.  I enjoy connecting with family and friends during the holidays.   I love to see the frosted trees and fresh snow (as long as I’m not out in the snow).  I even sort of like to shovel the driveway.

How about you? Do you like winter or not?

© Jack Dagley | Dreamstime Stock Photos

© Jack Dagley | Dreamstime Stock Photos

Winter Wonderland should give you lots of options for creativity. Snowmen and Christmas and Ice Skating and Snowflakes and Sledding and Holiday gifts and Sweaters and Boots, etc.  What will you create with this theme?






ATC stands for Artist Trading Card. A little bitty piece of art created by you. Here are the rules guidelines for the challenge.

  • your ATC needs to be 2.5″ x 3.5″
  • you can use any medium you like (paper, fabric, metal, clay, etc)
  • you can use any technique you like (a great way to try something new)
  • art work is on the front
  • your personal info is on the back (name, location, contact info, date, title)
  • all skill levels welcome
  • this is a WTA – winner take all – so one person will ‘win’ all of the ATCs submitted (if we get more than 20 entries, there will be 2 winners – if we get more than 30 entries, there will be 3 winners, and so on)
  • submit one ATC (you get one chance to win with each ATC submitted – if you submit more than one you get extra chances – but make them different since one person might win all of them)
  • you can’t win if you don’t enter 🙂
  • deadline is Dec 31st – you can drop it off if you are local or mail it to the address below

I’d like it if you could include your city, state and country on the back side of your ATC. We have several Int’l participants as well as people from all over the USA, and I know they would love it if they knew where you were from. We don’t all know each other personally, so the info you provide is greatly appreciated. Another idea is to include your email or blog address as well. It’s not necessary, but nice for the winner to have in case they would like to contact you.

I look forward to seeing what you create for the Winter Wonderland theme.  Turn your ATCs in by the end of the month to be included. Thanks to everyone who participates and sends in your ATCs each month. Feel free to invite your friends to join the fun. This is definitely the type of challenge that is better with more entries.

I’ll be posting the November winner in a few days.

For those of you wanting to plan ahead, the January theme is CIRCLES. Ooh, I can’t wait for that one!


Let Your Inner Artist out to Play

Blue Twig Studio – 5039 N Academy Blvd – Colorado Springs, CO 80918 – USA


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