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Why I chose ME for my word of the year

29 Dec

Every year I choose my word of the year. Or I should say it chooses me. It is usually quite clear by the middle of December what my word for the New Year will be. It helps focus me and guide me and inspire me over the course of the year.





This year I had a bit more trouble deciding what my word would be. I had a great list full of words – each of which would be a good choice for me. But for some reason I couldn’t really narrow it down. There just wasn’t one word which said ‘pick me pick me’ (ha ha – my word is me).

When I decided to choose the word ME, it was because I noticed that a lot of the words on my list were really personally motivated words. Words like: healthy, mindfulness, gratitude, create, art, abundance, self-care, balance, home, grow. These are words for ME! So it made perfect sense to just choose the word ME, so that I could encompass all of these other words as well.  So this year I am setting aside the time for ME!

Is choosing ME being selfish? Maybe….but I think the word selfish gets a bad rep most of the time. It is OK to take care of yourself. It is OK to be happy. It is OK to do things you love. It is OK to be the best you there is.





So the New Year will bring me the opportunity to focus on me. On what serves me, what feeds me, what helps me, what motivates me, what inspires me, what makes me happy, what helps me grow.  Following Your Bliss seems like such an overused phrase – but I think it applies here.




What word have you chosen? Please share.


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Welcome to 2014

30 Dec

The past few years I have not done New Year’s Resolutions, but rather I have chosen instead to do a Year in Review to get ready for the upcoming year.

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our own lives that we fail to notice the good stuff! We have a tendency to look at those things we didn’t do, rather than those things that we did do. And I don’t know about you, but when I start thinking about what I didn’t get finished, I start to feel bad about myself. And that is NOT how I want to live. I want to live in gratitude and appreciation, not in worry and lack.

So a few years ago I started listing the stuff I did get done. And you know what – I usually get a lot of stuff done! I’ll bet you get a lot done too. And doesn’t it feel a whole lot better to pay attention to what you did accomplish than what you didn’t? 🙂 My friend Cass Mullane is writing a book about all the Cool Stuff we do and how to be grateful for it all. I can’t wait for the book to be finished because I know it is going to be amazing!

So I now make a list of things that I accomplished during the year, and I take the time to reflect and remember those special things. And feel grateful and happy that I was able to do what I did do. And I note little things as well as big things (having a lunch date with a friend is just as important to remember as starting a new business). Everything matters!

This doesn’t mean I don’t make plans for the upcoming year. However, making plans and making resolutions are not the same thing. Making plans is about moving forward and growth and challenges. Resolutions are more likely to be about things that are wrong or lacking or not up to our standards. Making plans = good. Making resolutions = not so good.

I have a long list of good things for 2013 – but the biggest for me was opening the storefront! It was in the works for several years, but I finally realized this dream and am quite excited about it. And I am ready for 2014!

What did you accomplish this year? What did you complete? What made you happy? What made you feel good? Take the time to remember those things. And if you care to share anything, please comment below.


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Quote of the Week

1 Jan

Quote of the Week:

Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone. ~Pablo Picasso

Dora Maar Au Chat by Picasso

What a perfect quote to start the New Year off with. The new year is a time of pulling out and dusting off those projects that we started but never finished. We make resolutions and plans because the new year seems the perfect time to get re-focused on what we really want to do. So, to steal the catch-phrase from Nike – Just Do It!

Get out those paints and brushes, find your sketch pad and pencils, fondle some fabric and ribbon, whatever calls your name. And get started again!


A word for the New Year

19 Dec

The New Year is fast approaching, with resolutions on a lot of minds. I’m not so big on resolutions, but am going to choose a word for the year. My friend Liz Kettle at Textile Evolution always chooses a word for each year. A word that she can focus on or work with or contemplate for the entire year. Last year she encouraged a group of us to also choose a word and of course we all dutifully did. My word for 2011 was “focus” and I really tried to work on that throughout the year and to keep it ever-present in my life. I’m not really sure I was able to accomplish everything that the word encompasses, but I did try. In reality I should probably keep that word for another year since I do still need to work on it. But I am choosing a new word for 2012.


I also recently started following Quinn McDonald over at QuinnCreative and she also does a word of the year and has been encouraging everyone to choose a new word for the upcoming year. And in fact I have seen several people on various blogs and websites talking about chosing a word of the year. Mari Smith has a great post about it, and she is focusing on growth for the new year, as she is much more business oriented. Apparently everyone thinks it is a grand idea!


So I guess I am jumping on the bandwagon here and declaring the need for a word of the year. My word for 2012 is “play”. Since my tag line for Blue Twig Studio is “let your inner artist out to play”, it seems like a really good choice. Plus, then I can play all year and how much fun is that going to be!


We all spend a lot of time trying to do our chores and get things checked off our to-do list and trying to finish up with work assignments, but we forget to add in the playing part. We treat play as an afterthought, or at best something we do when everything else is done. Really? Is everything else ever done? We need play just as much as we need work (that’s the story I am sticking with).


We fondly remember being children and being allowed to play. Yes, as children we played a lot and expressed ourselves much more creatively. Yet there was always that sense that it couldn’t or wouldn’t last. As a child I was always told to finish my chores or my homework before going outside to play (or any other fun activity that I wanted to do). Just like needing to finish all your vegetables before you get any dessert! Well, this year I vow to try to Play first and then do my chores!!!!!!! Sounds like lots of fun, don’t you think?


What word do you think you would like to choose for 2012? What word speaks to you?

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