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Embossing paste and Mica sprays

16 Apr

Guest Blog Post by Design Team Member Venisa Gallegos

Comments in Italics by Deb

Blue Twig Assignment for March (Yes I know it is April.  Heh…Heh… just a little late)

This month, I got to pick my own items to play with. Deb is always getting in new stuff to play with so I chose the Pearlescent Embossing Paste from Dreamweaver and a set of Mica Sprays from Ranger. I learned from an online video on the mica sprays that Ranger let their designers, like Tim Holtz and Dina Wakley, create their own line with the colors that they use the most. I got a set from Dina Wakley with the colors Evergreen, Ruby and Lapis. FYI, I also learned that these sprays are replacing the Glitter spray line. (good to know)



BTW, another fact I learned about the Mica sprays online is that they were designed so that they won’t react with any water based colors. I had been wondering why I would need this spray when I already have metallic sprays and now I know. So, if you want to spritz this spray over a water color design to give it a bit of shimmer the water color won’t run. I’m here to tell you it worked for some items but for others the water color started to move again on the paper. I think it’s because I overdid the spray (ha ha). When I didn’t overdo the spray and just spritzed a little there was no color movement. I also learned that you really have to shake these sprays up or you’ll get a little globing of color. These spays won’t add a ton of color but just enough to give a sparkle to the piece. Figure 2, shows various cards with different backgrounds I created with water colors and acrylic inks. It definitely added a metallic shimmer. (you know that samples always look different in person than in photos)




Now on to the Pearlescent paste. I actually had a stencil from Dreamweaver so I decided to use this paste with that stencil. The Dreamweaver stencils differ from other stencils in that they are metal and smaller. Basically, I placed my stencil down and put a layer of paste over the stencil. Sort of like spreading peanut butter on bread. I first used the stencil on a piece of white fabric. I chose white because I wanted to go back over it with the Mica Sprays. Also, I added a bit of acrylic ink to the pearlescent paste to a bit of color. The results are shown in Figure 3.


It’s hard to tell from the picture the color in the crane. I really liked just the plain shimmer on the cranes from this paste. The next figure shows what the crane pieces looked like after I spritzed them with the mica sprays. On the white, the color wasn’t all that impressive.


Next I tried both Golden light modeling paste and pearlescent paste on black cardstock paper. I mostly wanted to see the difference between the pastes. You can see in Figure 5 how the pearlescent paste really pops on the black paper and the modeling paste is more subdued. (kind of hard to tell in the photos)


Finally, to add more color to the pieces I spritzed both images with the Mica Sprays and Oh My!!! Figure 6 shows how that mica spray really pops on the black. Now, this I really liked.


I love, love, love how the mica sprays show up on the black cardstock. I will definitely make use of these sprays on black backgrounds.

Well, I loved being on the design team for Deb. I got to play with new products and see what I could do with them. I’m really glad Deb has her store in town so I can pick up new products I wouldn’t have otherwise know existed. Thanks for supporting the mixed media population and providing so much support and information about new products. 🙂


Thanks Venisa for being part of my Design Team and giving awesome reviews. It is always fun for me to see how everyone uses products and tools. Because in Mixed Media there are no rules – no right or wrong way of using various products. It really is all about playing and having fun!


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