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Tutorial – Roc-lon Multi-purpose cloth

14 Jun

I really love the Roc-lon Multi-purpose cloth. It is such a versatile product and so easy to use for any number of projects. Today’s tutorial is how to create some layers on the cloth so you can create some fun fabric for use in your projects. This is not the only way to alter the cloth, but just the one we are looking at today.

roc-lon multi-purpose cloth

I have started with a piece of the multi-purpose cloth and laid it out on my table.  You can work on either side of the cloth.


I started my layering with the Caran D’Ache Neocolor II water soluble wax pastels. They are like crayons to use, so they take no special skills to use.

Select a color and start coloring on the cloth. The cloth takes the color very easily. You can color in very thoroughly or just loosely. The amount of color you add will affect how bright the final product is.

Change the colors and you can add as many or as few different colors as you like. You can try to create particular shapes or designs or just randomly color. I have chosen to just randomly color the piece of color.

Here is the piece all colored in with the neocolors. You can see it is pretty much like scribbling and just randomly placing colors. Keep in mind that some colors that are next to each other may make mud, so beware of your color choices and color placement.

Now just take a paintbrush (any kind of brush will work) and some water and just start brushing the water over the neocolors. Dip your brush frequently to clean it or you will get mud. Work in small sections of color for best results.

You can see how the colors are blending and becoming much more vibrant and bright after the water has been added.

Here is the finished water color piece. Now we need to let it dry for a while before adding the next layer.

The next layer we are adding is rubber stamping. You can use whatever stamps you have on hand and add them. I am using a black stamp pad and a couple different stamp designs for variety.


Now there is another layer on the fabric of a couple different rubber stamps.  You can use your own carved stamps or commercial stamps. You could also add some writing with pens or markers at this point.


The next layer I am adding is paint. I am using a metallic gold paint (just because I love the shiny stuff) and brushing it onto one of my favorite rubber stamps.


I just randomly stamped the gold metallic painted images onto the multi-purpose cloth. You could add several colors or several stamps here if you like. I just used the one stamp for my piece.


Now my piece has layers of neocolor, black rubber stamping, gold painted stamping. You could keep adding layers if you wanted to. I am going to leave this as it is for now. When I decide what it will be used for (a journal cover, tags, ATCs, bag, etc) then I may add additional embellishments at that point.

This is easy cloth to alter with any number of options including the neocolors & stamps that I used, any kind of water soluble pencils or crayons,  any type of paint, or fusing fabric or paper to it, using pens or markers, etc. Whatever you can think of to manipulate this fabric, it can probably take it.

You can purchase this multi-purpose cloth and the neocolors at the store  and then have fun playing and creating.

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