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Artist Interview with Ingrid Dijkers

10 Apr


ote cover


Ingrid Dijkers will be visiting Blue Twig Studio and teaching some absolutely fun classes in June. These are just a few interview questions to help you get to know her better. Of course, you can visit her website and get to know her better. I’m sure you will agree that her style is most amazing.


Tell us a little bit about yourself, where you live, etc.


I was born in Breda, the Netherlands and immigrated with my parents at a young age to Canada, later immigrating to the United States.


Currently I live in Plymouth, Michigan.  It’s a small historical town of 10,000, outside of Ann Arbor.  We have lived in the city for about 35 years.  When we first moved here it was just a small quiet town on the edge of nowhere, which really appealed to us.  Over the years the outskirts have grown and developed, resulting in a lot of change.  The whole mentality of the small town has all but disappeared now and now we are in the midst of getting our house ready to sell and plan to move to a new small town to recapture what we miss so much.


Have you always made art? Or when did you start? What made you start?


Both my parents have their Masters in the Fine Arts, so I had exposure my entire life.  My real interest started developing when I was in college though.


What is the earliest memory you have of anything art related?


I must have been around 3 or 4 years old at the time and my Mother let me help her paint a little bit of the sky of a painting she was working on.  It was larger than me ,which I was most impressed with.  The painting was of a cathedral in the town that I was born in, in the Netherlands


Is your family artistic?


My parents, as I mentioned above.

I have 2 daughters that really have no interest at all … my husband either, yet they are all so incredibly supportive of what I do.


Do you have an art degree or other art credentials?


I dropped out on my way to a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts degree.  While in college I realized that the degree was of little significance to me and I was more interested in pursuing a direction of my own.  In all this time, I have had no interest in going back to school.


How long have you been teaching?


About 9 years now.


What is your favorite class to teach?


Anything related to Journaling, but I am interested in expanding … perhaps doll making.


What is your favorite art medium? And why?


I have dabbled in so many mediums throughout the years, honestly I can’t pick a favorite.


Where can people find you? Facebook, blog, website, Instagram, etc.




Ingrid Dijkers on Facebook



These are the classes Ingrid will be teaching and the links to the website for more information. I hope you will be able to find one or more that appeal to you and get registered for them. They are filling up quickly. All 3 classes are all-day classes, so be sure to bring a lunch/snacks with you. 

I absolutely adore her art and creative spirit. I hope I will be able to sit in on one or more of these upcoming classes.


ote edges

Over the Edge – June 3rd


Mandala Journal 5

Mandala Journal – June 4th


Through the Rabbit Hole – June 5th


Let Your Inner Artist out to Play

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Artist Interview – Kelly Kilmer

28 May

Blue Twig Studio is lucky to have artist Kelly Kilmer from Los Angeles, CA coming to teach 2 classes in July. I thought you might like to get to know her a little bit better, so we prepared this interview for you. Please be sure to visit Kelly’s blog for more fun stuff and inspiration. And I hope you get a chance to take one or both of her upcoming classes here at Blue Twig Studio. (links are below)

by Kelly Kilmer

by Kelly Kilmer

Tell us a little bit about your art background. Have you always done art? Do you have an art degree? What types of art have you done? What types of classes have you taken?
I’ve been making art since I was a little girl. The joke was that I always had either a pencil, crayon or book in my hand (along with a stuffed animal.) I was always drawing and making little things. 
I am self taught though I took one drawing class at Massachusetts College of Art. 
I have done a wide variety of art and have taught myself bookbinding (Cover to Cover by Shereen LaPlantz is the BEST bookbinding book there is), collage, drawing, painting, a variety of mixed media everything from acrylics, gouache, watercolors, water soluble crayons, assemblage, jewelry, and fabric arts. I found that my main passion is paper arts and that has been my focus for almost 20 years now. I love making books and filling them. 
I have taken a small handful of classes over the years from the likes of Juliana Coles to Carla Sonheim to Karen Michel (I’d recommend all three instructors in a heart beat.) I wish that I could take more classes but I am usually too busy teaching my own. I also read a ton of books (everything from art, inspiration, film, biographies, creativity, non fiction, fiction, etc… If I think that I can glean an idea from it, it’s in my hands!)
Who has inspired you the most in your artistic career?
My students always inspire me the most. They push me to be the best artist and teacher that I can be. It’s because of them that I am always developing new classes and searching for new ideas. 
My favorite artists that have inspired me are Corita Kent, Frida Kahlo, Vincent Van Gogh, Barron Storey, Lynda Barry, Maira Kalman, The Surrealists, to name a few. My husband and my son have also been very big inspirations in my life. 
What is your favorite medium to use and why? 
Paper. You can do so much with a piece of paper. It’s an open door to possibility! You can fold it and shape it into something (it can even fly!) You can spill your heart out onto it. You can paint with it. I love paper!
What is your favorite class to teach and why? 
I don’t have one favorite class. I love teaching and seeing the light bulbs go off over someone’s head. I love it when someone starts to ask a question and they realize that they can do anything! 
How did you get started teaching? How long have you been teaching?
I have been teaching art since late 1997. When I was little, I thought that I’d either be an English teacher, forest ranger or drummer! I spent a lot of time filling notebooks with my own musings, drawings and stickers (lots and lots of stickers.) When my son was born, I made him two full albums of photos (from the time he was 0 to 6 months, all of the other photos are now in boxes.) I started making greeting cards to sell (and I did pretty well selling them through a local shop.) One of the local stamp store managers suggested that I teach classes. I started teaching basic card making classes. It was okay but something was off. The card store only wanted cute cards and everything was done assembly line style so it sucked the life out of me a bit. I remember walking into Stamp Stamp Stamp in the Glendale Galleria and seeing Lynne Perrella’s Acey Deucy Goddess stamps and thinking, “THIS. THIS is what I wanted to do.” I taught myself bookbinding and went from filling store bought books to my own books. 
How has your artistic/creative journey changed over the years (if it has)?
I started out making scrapbooks and cards. I fell head over heels in love with bookbinding and filling my books. I taught myself how to use acrylics and a wide variety of media. I’ve worked on canvas and paper. I dabbled in jewelry making, assemblage art and fabric. I like to make things but I have found that I am most passionate about art journaling and filling books made by my own hands. When I realized that about 10 years ago, my entire focus changed to seeing how much I could push myself as primarily a paper/book artist. I am always looking for new ways of doing things and exploring the many possibilities that are out there.
What direction do you see the mixed media industry heading? What trends have you noticed.
I don’t pay attention to trends. I found that when I find a tool or product that I like, I stick with it. My favorite tools are pretty much the same after many, many years. I started using tape in 2004 and was over the moon when washi tape was introduced shortly thereafter. I also have my favorite pens and stencils that I like. I share all of this on my blog and in my classes. I found out that my best classes are the ones that I am most passionate about and that I don’t teach product but process (while using products that I love and recommend.) I don’t work for any companies. I work for my students and for myself. 
Lately it seems harder to be noticed and that there are lots of people teaching and selling. It’s hard for a lot of new people as well as some of us who have been around for awhile. I think that we have to support our local mom and pop art shops as much as possible as well as each other. 
Share a favorite quote or favorite art book with us.
Hands down, my favorite art book is Learning By Heart by Corita Kent and Jan Steward. Kent is one of my favorite artists and teachers. She truly believed and taught that inspiration is everywhere! You just have to do the work.
-Kelly Kilmer
by Kelly Kilmer

by Kelly Kilmer

by Kelly Kilmer

by Kelly Kilmer


by Kelly Kilmer

by Kelly Kilmer

Kelly has a wonderful style of working and I am looking forward to her classes in July. Just click on the links to take you to the class information page. 
July 16th – 9:30am Pieces of Me
July 16th – 1pm  The Pages Within 
If you can’t take a class with her at Blue Twig Studio, then I hope you can find a class somewhere else.
Let Your Inner Artist Out To Play
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Fun ideas for projects!

9 Apr

Guest Blog Post from Design Team member Kristin Peterson

comments in italics by Deb


I really liked the new stamp pad and stamps. The stamps are from Finnabair and are wonderful background stamps to really be used on any project that you may want to add some details to. (the stamps are the perfect size for ATCs)
DP stamp
The stamp pad is a Staz-On ink in black and is very nice true black. I found that I wanted to soften the image and not have the image draw so much attention, so I stamped it off once on scrap paper and used the next image on my work. (StazOn comes in lots of yummy colors)
DP bookmark
The other product I tried was the Viva gold stamp-paint which at first I was not totally sure how to incorporate and use in my work; however, it only took one swipe with a finger-full of the gold to realize its’ potential! I loved adding the gold to my art journal page. The gold added a nice glitz to the page without being too overwhelming. (you can use it as a paint or as a rub)
DP journal pageDP journal page 3
I have made several mixed media projects that included bookmarks and art journal pages with the products and loved how the products lent themselves to each piece and how I work.
DP bookmark 2
Thanks for some fun ideas again Kristin. I always enjoy your style!
Blue Twig Studio
5039 N Academy Blvd – Colorado Springs, CO 80918

Dylusions Ink Sprays

23 Sep

Dylusions ink sprays are so yummy and luscious to use. The colors are fabulously saturated, and they mix well with each other too.  I belong to a journal group and we had a recent play date where we really did just play with the sprays. We used a watercolor paper and also a heavier weight drawing paper. Both worked really well.

We started by mixing various colors together to see what would happen. Blues & greens. Reds & yellows. Black & blue. Brown & orange & pink. Green & blue & turquoise. And on and on and on.  Just playing with the color mixing was fun. Splashing with water drops. Using a paper towel to blend the colors.


Then we added using stencils and water. Just lay a stencil down on top of the colors you already sprayed and then spray water through the stencil and blot it with a paper towel. The water activates the ink sprays and lifts it creating a wonderful effect. You can also use baby wipes with a similar effect.

P1020752 P1020754

We also used the stencils and other ink colors to spray on top.  The black was a popular color to use. When you spray on top of the other Dylusions colors you get a nice bleed effect. This was a word stencil and I loved how it turned out. Fun fun fun!


And what about using drips. I love drips. Now I have a stack of vibrant colored papers that can be used as backgrounds for art journaling. These could also be cut up into shapes and added to other mixed media art. Or maybe used as ATC or postcard bases. Lots of ideas. What could you do with these papers?




Have you played with the Dylusions Ink Sprays? They are so wonderful to use. You do have to be aware that they are water activated, so if you add any wet medium on top, you will change what you started with. Of course, I like that. The surprise of what might happen if I add something else makes it interesting and exciting.

Blue Twig Studio carries the Dylusions Inks Sprays and lots of stencils too. You can buy the Dylusions Ink Sprays here and the stencils here. What kind of art will you create with these lovely colors?


Let Your Inner Artist Out To Play

Blue Twig Studio – 5039 N. Academy Blvd – Colorado Springs, CO 80918 – USA

You can sign up for the Blue Twig Studio newsletter here.

Don’t forget the big Grand Opening Party at the new store is Oct 12th. 🙂

Welcome to Linda Sagastume

16 Jan

Linda Sagastume is a new instructor for Blue Twig Studio. Linda is currently teaching Whimsy, Words & Winter Art Journal on Sun Jan 27 from 1-5pm. This is a class designed for the beginner, but all artist levels are welcome to join the fun. You will create a mini journal around the theme of Winter. You can find out more about it on the Events tab of Blue Twig Studio.

Linda Sagastume

Linda Sagastume


I thought you might want to get to know her a bit better. Here is what Linda shared with me.

“Presently I am working in mixed media in the art journal format. For many years I worked with oils as a painter, landscapes mostly, some abstract expressionism, then I discovered the freedom and fun of working in a journal. It mixes my love of creative expression with words for poetic expression, in a book format. There is something very free about art journaling and I have found a way to re-connect with my artistic intuition, somehow it was high jacked along the way… and now my art has it’s own language. I am totally, 100%, obsessed with all facets, bits and pieces, possibilities, and pursuits imbued in the art journal. Every piece of paper I encounter in life is possible ephemera for a journal page. Taking the ordinary and making it into an amazing piece of creative expression seems simplistic, yet somehow it catapults me toward a life of curiosity and wonder…essential ingredients for any artist’s work. In my classes I enjoy sharing mixed media techniques but the real joy comes when I see a student make the connection with creativity. Last summer one of my students showed me her journal page where she had documented her birthday celebration. Another showed me a page displaying a piece of a tissue box design that fit our theme of gray shades. Making the ordinary into extraordinary is amazing to behold and this is part of our creative journey. The art critic is silenced, color implodes the page, messy is ok, papers are collaged, textures emerge, and the created image has transformed a blank page into something beautiful. This is art journaling!!! ”

“What lies behind you, what lies before you are tiny matters compared to what lies within you.” A favorite quote by Emerson

Thanks for sharing a bit about yourself Linda, and welcome to Blue Twig Studio. I love your quote choice. I think that is a favorite for a lot of people.

Linda also teaches classes at Bemis School of Art, where she shares her love of art journaling.  I am happy to have her on board for teaching, and I look forward to seeing what other classes she has to share with us in the future. You can tell how excited she is about her art and creativity and teaching it to others.

Here are some samples of her art journaling pages. You can see her love of color and it looks like she has a lot of fun. I think her style will fit right in with Blue Twig Studio.


There is still some space available in her Whimsy, Words & Winter class, so please let me know if you are interested in taking that class so I can get you registered. This is a one day class where you learn about various techniques to use in your own art journal.


Let Your Inner Artist Out To Play

Blue Twig Studio – 5965 Whiskey River Dr – Colorado Springs, CO 80923 – USA

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