Artist Helen Shafer Garcia

15 Feb

Helen Shafer Garcia will be coming to Blue Twig Studio to teach in April. I took a class with her at Art & Soul last year and loved her style, so I figured other people would love to take a class with her as well. She has shared a little info here about who she is so we can get to know her better. And of course, if you take one of her upcoming classes you will get to know her even more.


Helen Shafer Garcia:  I’d like to introduce myself. I live in north San Diego area with my husband, son and 2 cats. My son and husband are both welders and engineer type minded people. Our casa is called Garciaville, which includes my cool studio, my son’s metal shop and my husband’s metal lathe shop where he makes beautiful cue sticks. My cats just sit around meowing and buzzing. I have a 1/2 acre garden that keeps me in tune with my plants and other assorted creatures.

I teach watercolor and acrylic at Palomar College, water media, Pastel, and Book Arts at 2 other locals, Escondido and Fallbrook. You can find all sorts of info at my website and my blog I also teach workshops internationally and across the USA. My art friends Laurie Mika, Jane LaFazio, Lynn Leahy and I will be returning to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico next year in October/November for a week long workshop adventure….a trip of a lifetime….

After finishing up my BA in Art I started working with clay, making vessels and slab rolled pots. I also started building up a portfolio in watercolor. My emphasis was larger than life succulents and other southwest images. Galleries in New Mexico, California, and Arizona began to show my works starting in the mid 80’s. At the same time I began working as an illustrator. I contracted with major resorts and hotels, creating watercolor images of the buildings and amenity features. I also illustrated Garden edibles for San Diego Home Garden Magazine for 8 years.

I’ve come full circle now, back to a career in teaching. Teaching is incredibly rewarding. I meet the most amazing and talented people, with new directions bouncing around in the classroom. Great energy!




Here are Helen’s upcoming classes at Blue Twig Studio. Just click the links to get more info. I look forward to seeing you in her classes. These are going to be awesome!


color pencil journaling


Colored Pencil Mixed Media Journaling: April 17th 

Colored pencils are such good therapy. Pressing down pure color on smooth
paper leads to endless good vibes. We’ll combine watercolors, water-soluble
pens, and colored pencils while learning clever user-friendly ways to draw.
My drawing methods will ease those ever so present inhibitions about
drawing lines and shapes. Learn how to blend beautiful color layers and
create dark and light mixtures. You’ll be prompted to create small poems
that will be collaged in a clever way throughout the works.
This paper quilt is loaded with colorful crinkly textures. Paint and ink will flow into
the crevices giving the papers a wonderful aged look. Explore this special
watermedia batik like technique on Masa rice paper. We’ll use an acrylic ink
technique to make marks and paint with watercolor, letting the colors blend and
fuse together naturally. We’ll also make lines with water -soluble oil pastels; add
translucent paper layers and fabric raw edges. Dive into detail with colored pencils,
ink lines, adornments, and collage elements to embellish the shapes. And to
complete the remnant look, we’ll add sari ribbons to embellish the edges, giving the
quilt a delightful aged look.
Blue bird for email
Reach into the sky and create connections between branches and earth while creating universal Tree of life themed mixed media paintings on Masa paper and canvas. A special batik technique with Masa rice paper will create wonderful textures and crevices for the paint to flow into. Draw and paint elements and symbolic icons of a tree of life, including birds, flowers and other great, joyful creatures with bold watercolor dropped -in color techniques. You’ll play with colored pencils, ink lines and collage elements to further embellish your paintings. Discover how beautiful and bright watercolors can be with this special process. The watercolor paintings will be sealed with an acrylic varnish to protect the surface. Borders and embellishments will be added with acrylics.
Just looking at the beautiful photos of her work makes me happy.
Let Your Inner Artist out to Play
Blue Twig Studio
5039 N Academy Blvd
Colorado Springs, CO 80918

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