Erin Keck

5 Feb

Erin Keck is going to be visiting and teaching at Blue Twig Studio again this year. We loved having her here last year and we are thrilled she agreed to come back again this year. Those of you who have taken classes with her know how awesome she is, but for the rest of you, I thought it would be good to get to know her better. ~Deb



Hi Everyone, I am Erin Keck. I was so happy to come and teach at Blue Twig Studio last year. I met so many friendly, wonderful, and amazing artists while I was there. I am very excited to be returning in March to share 5 completely new workshops.
As many of you know I live in Pennsylvania. Last year was my first trip to Colorado and I absolutely loved it. The mountains were something I had always seen in pictures but really never imagined how huge until I saw them in person. I mean we have mountains in PA but nothing like CO.  All I could say was, WOW!
In PA I live in Mechanicsburg which is not far from Hershey, PA, known for it’s amazing Chocolate, Yummm!
I live with my wonderful and supportive husband, John and our furry four legged buddy, Jaxxon, a mixed Labador Retriever that we adopted from a shelter 2 years ago. All of our four children are grown and finally out on their own. We have one Grandson 3 year old, Konnor who I have the privilege of taking care of every Tuesday for a day we call, “Konnor and Mimi Tuesdays.” Those who I am friends with on Facebook know of all of the escapades I post about each week.
So, let me give you some brief insight on myself and my love for art. I have always loved making things. My mother was very creative. She taught herself how to do mosaic, and sew, embroider, really all sorts of things. She was a collector of Antique Buttons and at times created beautiful mosaics using them. My father on the other hand was more of a tinkerer. He actually fixed office machinery all of his life. That was back in the day before computers. Typewriters, telephones with cords, adding machines were used. Oh no, am I giving away my age? LOL.
Anyhow, perhaps that is where I got my love for Steampunk Style Assemblage Art. I love the way industrial items such as gears, and light bulbs, and other mechanical objects can be added and embellished to create unique Art. Now, whether the apple fell far from my tree? I would like to think that my children have grown to appreciate their creative energy. My daughter especially has a lot of talent in her concept of design and creativity. My sons are wonderful at giving me feedback on my work and ideas that I would never have come up with. Even my Grandson loves sitting down and creating little works of art, such as our latest project of making snowmen out of tube socks. (Sorry, gotta brag.)
I am a Hair Stylist by trade, which I was in business for 25 years. I made the decision about 8 years ago to start doing my art full time. I got to a point with my Art that I needed to make a decision as to which passion to put all of my energy into. Art was definitely that passion. Hair styling was my job but Art was my Love. With the help of a very supportive husband I was able to make that change.
A bit of how I got into Steampunk Assemblage Art. As I mentioned earlier I have always loved making things. I have played with several different mediums. I did flower arranging, wedding floral in particular, I loved it and still do. I especially like creating the flowers from vintage wedding dress scraps and reusing them to make a special keepsake bouquet. I have also done a lot with antique buttons following in my Mother’s footsteps of using them in mosaics and then also incorporating them into jewelry work.
I have always had a love for clocks, especially the old mechanical clocks where all of the gears moved. I decided about 10 years ago to create a clock that gave the illusion of the gears moving. In order to do this I came up with the idea that I would make it from nothing but gears. I knew metal gears were not an option as they were not easily available and besides the clock would be far too heavy. I decided to seek out someone to fabricate wooden gears for me.  Once I had my gears I created my first Steampunk Clock. I did not have the horologic training to build a mechanical clock nor did I really desire to learn that aspect. I wanted my clocks to be battery driven. So, as I built my clocks I gave the illusion of movement through balance and dimension. I incorporated bits and pieces from antique clocks to also give the illusion that there is movement. My original clocks got my name out into Galleries and on the web. I began adding found objects to give my clocks themes.
Eventually I made the decision to make the investment into a laser machine to be able to create and produce my own original gears. I now share and teach how to make my clocks throughout the US. I will actually be doing a clock workshop at Blue Twig studio using my original acrylic gears that will be embellished by hand painting on them. The “Spyro Doodle Clock” workshop which is named because the gears reminded me of the old Spiro Graph pieces and we doodle on them with Oil Based paints. Blue Twig studio is actually the only physical store that I allow my gears to be sold in. Blue Twig will be carrying not only the wooden gears but also they will be introducing my colored acrylic line. I do sell my Complete Clock kits but only to students who have taken the clock workshops where I show how the clocks are assembled.
 I hope you will join me when I come to teach at Blue Twig Studio. The other workshops that I will be teaching are…
“Vintage Tin Art Babies”. In this fun workshop we will create adorable one of a kind dolls using vintage tins and antique doll heads from Germany.
I will be teaching “Faux Tin Types and Reproduction Frames”. In this workshop we will create Photographs that resemble original tin types through a process using your own modern day pictures. We will also create Picture frames with an antique style.
Another workshop being offered is, “The Steampunk Airship Chime”. We will create a a chime style mobile with airships that we will design from vintage light bulbs and jewelry findings.
The final workshop I will be teaching is my popular “Pop Top Bead Bracelet”. In this workshop we will learn how to create 3 different style beads using bottle caps. You will be able to add your beads to a bracelet to create the most unusual and adorable Charm Bracelet.
Wait until you see all of the fun items I am bringing to help us create in class. Plus, don’t forget all of the cool items that Blue Twig offers that will also help in embellishing these projects.
I am so looking forward to my visit with Deb and everyone at Blue Twig Studio. I hope you can join us!
Directions to live by: “Scrap it, Recycle it, Assemble it. Repeat if necessary.”
One last word… Go Broncos!
Join me at Art & Soul Retreats 2016
Blue Twig Studio Colorado March 2016
Beadfest Philadelphia 2016
Pacific northwest Art School WA August 2016

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“If you can dream it, then you can create it! ” EK

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