Mini Gelli Plates Review

7 Jan

Guest Blog Post by Design Team member Pat Mathes

Comments in italics by Deb

This month I received my packet late due to weather and home issues, so I am a little late in getting this done. When I did receive my packet, it was a pack of the mini gelli plates – the rectangle, hexagon and oval – and a mini brayer. I am still so much in the learning state of the gelli plates. (there are several sizes and shapes of Gelli Arts® plates available) I have finally gotten more comfortable with the larger plates, but now the minis? Well, they are new enough there really wasn’t a lot out there on the internet yet showing uses for them so I started working with mine to see how I could use them.

gelli oval minis

With the mini gelli plates, you actually mount them on a clear acrylic block or a cd cover or sturdy plastic of some kind. They are small and you actually use them in a stamping manner rather than laying flat. So the backing is important. (if you are careful you can just pick them up with your hands to stamp with them)

The first thing I learned is that you don’t use very much paint – just a couple of drops. You don’t want a thick layer because it will run with the stencils more on the smaller plates. The second thing I learned is that it was easier with the mini gelli plates to put the stencil on the actual paper and then use the gelli plate on top of it. I would then use the ghost print on another place or another page.

I just kept playing around with them – I was using heart stencils and red, pink and white paint since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. I really liked the effect I was getting on the black paper. The paper in the middle below was one that I was using just with random stamping with the gelli plate and stencils. I didn’t actually do any projects with these – they would be so easy for you to personalize, maybe with a picture of a loved one, in an art journal page, or a scrapbook page. Just remember to always use all the paint on the gelli plate and the brayer on additional sheets of paper. I do that and then later use that paper as a collage piece for something else.

by Pat Mathes

by Pat Mathes


This is something that will take a lot more playing around with – I can see the middle piece used on a greeting card with maybe just the word LOVE on it. I actually took some cutouts from another gelli printing and glued some hearts on as a collage – maybe pictures of your loved one mounted as collages on them. I think one of the main things is that you can actually work on these in a much quicker time than the larger gelli plates and with not as much room needed. They are still kind of messy, but I didn’t find them as messy as the larger plates. I did read that someone used the rectangle plates and made a planner journal with them – hmmm.

Last, but not least, I took the rectangle plate and one of my art journals and used the rectangle plate to put some simplistic houses , one of the hexagon pieces that I had placed earlier ended up being the sun. This is a very simplistic page, something like a child might do, but the message is sincere. Happy New Year to one and all and MAY YOUR HOME BE FILLED WITH LOVE, HAPPINESS AND PROSPERITY IN THE NEW YEAR.

by Pat Mathes

by Pat Mathes



Thanks for a great review of these Gelli Arts minis. I love using my Gelli plates, and I do have several sizes and shapes to play with – although my favorite is still the 8×10 size. There are so many options with the prints you can make – from collage to art journaling to cardmaking to scrapbooking to mixed media to your own personal fabric (yes you can print on fabric too). So much fun and so many options. 


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