Dylusions and Distress Sprays and texture

23 Dec

Guest blog post by Design Team member Venisa Gallegos

Comments in italics by Deb

I got some wonderful products to play with this month from Blue Twig Studio. Deb gave me two bottles of the Dylusions Ink Sprays and two bottles of the Tim Holtz Distress Spray Stains. I’ve used the Dylusion Spray Inks before and absolutely love them so now I was given the opportunity to compare them to the Distress Spray Stains. They are both Ranger products so I wasn’t worried that they wouldn’t blend well with each other. In the past, I’ve sprayed the Dylusion Inks over stencils designs that I first created by spreading Light Molding Paste over the stencil. After it was dry I went to town spraying color after color on the design. I decided for this month, I’d do the same thing with the Dylusion and Distress Inks but use them across a variety of molding pastes. I also decided to add some white paint spray from DecoArt called Shimmer Mister.

I pulled out the different pastes I had collected including, Fine Pumice, Coarse Pumice, Natural Sand, Fiber and, of course, the light molding paste. Golden produces a variety pack of different pastes so you can try a lot of different types to see what you like. There are also a variety of pastes available from Liquitex. (I do have a number of different paste products from Golden and Liquitex , but they are available in-store only)  The colors of sprays I had to play with was Bubblegum Pink and Crushed Grape from Dylusions and Mermaid Lagoon and Lucky Clover in the Distress sprays. (there are lots of colors in both Dylusions and Distress sprays)

What did I learn? Well, I found that all the pastes did well with fine detail stencils except for the Coarse Pumice. I had the hardest time spreading the Coarse Pumice over the fine detail stencils but it did fine over the less detailed stencils. That said, I loved the result from the Coarse Pumice the best.

I used a variety of different stencils (you know we have a gazillion stencils to choose from) to first lay out the designs I wanted to spray. Remember to let them dry for at least 10-15 minutes or so. It doesn’t really take long in this dry Colorado environment. I happened to be at Deb’s store while I was creating the designs and she wanted to know how each ink dripped down after being sprayed. So, she grabbed the Dylusion Ink and I grabbed the Distress Inks and with a paste stencil design propped up we sprayed at the same time. The Delusions had a much more powerful spray and the ink dripped down the stenciled design nicely. The Distress sprays had a much more finely mist spay and the ink didn’t drip down all that much. Of course, you can spray the Distress inks multiple times and get more of a drip. On several of the stenciled designs, I first sprayed the white Shimmer Mist paint and then sprayed over this with the inks. I also sprayed first with the inks and then spritzed it with the DecoArt white paint. One key step to take if you don’t want the colors to fade in the sun, you need to cover the design with a Glaze. I used the Vintaj Glaze.  (there are numerous Glaze products you can use) The results are shown below.

fine pumice paste

fine pumice paste


fiber paste

fiber paste


coarse pumice

coarse pumice


natural sand paste

natural sand paste


molding paste

molding paste


As I’ve mentioned above, I love the texture I get with the Coarse Pumice and can see using this texture if I need to create an impression of rocks. (all the texture pastes are pretty cool though)

I think I’ll convert some of these into small Thank You cards. On the Natural Sand one, I cut up the design into segments and then glued them to some Black Paper Card Stock. Then, I attached several of the segments with jump rings and made Christmas ornaments. For the Fine Pumice design, I grabbed yet another stencil and traced out the design on the back and then cut out the pieces. I again glued this to Black Card Stock and cut out certain sections of the design and turned it into a Christmas ornament as well.




I think in the future I’ll probably just randomly cut up all the stenciled designs and create a mosaic. There are a lot of options with the inks but what I like the most in being able to blend the colors together. Have fun playing.



Thanks Venisa for another fun tutorial. I love all the textures you created. And of course, playing with color is the BEST part. 🙂

Venisa’s samples are at the shop if you want to see them in person. 


Let Your Inner Artist out to Play

Blue Twig Studio – 5039 N Academy Blvd – Colorado Springs, CO 80918





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