Fun with Foils!

4 Dec

Guest Blog Post from Design Team Member Terri Ayers

Comments in italics by Deb

Fun with Foils!

Foil adds such a shiny and glamorous touch to your art projects and come in a wide range of colors. I recall visiting a home in the Parade of Homes this year and seeing a fun wall piece that used a quote that was foiled. Certainly classy home décor pieces can be acquired with the foiling process as well as adding a lovely touch of bling without the mess of glitter. (glitter is fun but not always practical)


I have been intrigued by what can be done with foils and have seen a few how-to videos and been curious to try my hand at experimenting with them. Opening up the treat bag for November was a fun surprise to see 3 different brands of foil and some adhesive to experiment with. I also had some supplies on hand to try things with as well as making a $20 purchase of a budget laminator.


Foils are a thin film that can be adhered to paper or objects by adhesive, pressure or heat pressure application. I used most of my applications on Neenah white cardstock and tried to apply the Pavelka foil to a slab of Sculpey clay, (which did not work for me at this trial.) I will credit YouTube videos of Lisa McGuire Ink for some of the application methods. Other methods were my trials of various adhesives on hand.




The 3 brands of foil used were Deco Foil, Lisa Pavelka and ClearSnap Designer Foil and I received Scotch Adhesive Dot Roller. For all techniques please put the pretty shiny side up (where you can still see it) when doing your project (yep – this is the #1 mistake people make, putting the shiny side down instead of up).




The additional products in my personal stash used were: Zig 2 way adhesive glue pen, VersaMark stamp pad, Stampendous clear embossing powder, Stampin Up Heat & Stick Powder (Ranger has one also) and some Framelit dies.

Cold adhesive techniques

An easy method was to use the adhesive dot roller on paper. Then simply press the foil over the top and rub with your finger and quickly lift the tape off pulling away from you. It’s just like ripping off a band-aid, only painless! This leaves a dotted decorative strip of bling. Another similar method was to use a strip adhesive. This gives a slightly raised look and feel to the project. I also found the glue pen very easy to use. I could draw a swirl or leaf and stem and let it dry about 30 seconds. Then I placed, pressed, rubbed and lifted the foil. I did try this with regular liquid glue. It worked but was a longer and messier process. You have to wait until the glue is nearly dry yet still tacky and use a small amount of glue (not my fave method).




Heat adhesive

The glue activated powders work for foiling. First use Versamark to stamp an image then apply the heat powder to the stamped area. Shake off the extra powder and use a heat tool to just melt the glue powder (just a very short time). Then quickly apply the foil while it is still warm and press, rub and peel. Voila!

Embossing powder technique using the laminator. Note on the laminator: I let it heat up about 10 minutes to get it nice and warm.

Stamping and embossing powder.

First use Versamark to stamp an image then apply the embossing powder to the stamped area. Shake off the extra powder and use a heat tool to melt the powder completely. Then put the item on a piece of tracing or parchment paper with the foil on top of the image and the top of the parchment folded over the top of the foil piece. Let it run through the laminator and it will come out of the back in a few seconds. Wave it for a few seconds and remove the foil.

Die cutting and embossing powder.

I took a 3×5 or so area of white cardstock and applied the Versamark and then embossing powder to the whole area of the paper. I heat set it and then ran it through a BigShot die cutting machine to cut the word “merry” and ornaments out. I then ran the word and ornament cut outs through the laminator with the foil covering the cut-outs and enclosed in the tracing paper. They came out very nice!




Laser jet printer techniques.

I did not explore this technique as much as I would have liked, but will share a fun demo in the store when I get my new laser printer up and running. For a quick trial I used a laser printed image (darkest is best). Please note: an inkjet printed item will not work. I heated up my regular iron and applied the foil over my logo (below) and the word “merry” (above photo).




I used a medium setting and placed the foil over the printed area and used the tip of the iron to rub over the foil. It worked to a degree. There were some areas where the foil did not adhere and I felt it did not have a finished look. Using the laminator in place of the iron will give a more uniform and professional look to the project. Foil is placed over the image and it is sent through the laminator. The possibilities are endless! There is a new product on the market that has great reviews, the Heidi Swapp Minc machine (hmmm – sounds interesting). It is very much like the laminator and very specific to foiling projects. Alas, it is much more money! I did find my laminator to be quite sufficient.

My favorite uses and products.

All of the foils worked for the projects and methods. I found that I liked the Deco foil the best. It adhered well and the price is great! The adhesive dot roller was quick and easy and provided a fun texture. The glue pen was so easy for free-hand images as well as drawing a quick line. I prefer using the embossing powder to the heat-n-stick powder; I felt the embossing gave better adherence than the heat-n-stick product.





There are many more ways to explore foils and hope you get the opportunity to give them a try! Thanks for providing the foils for me to try, Deb and Blue Twig Studio!


Thank you Terri for another great review of products. Knowing which products are easiest to use and the results that you get is always helpful. And who doesn’t love adding a little shine and sparkle to their projects? Blue Twig Studio has fun foils and adhesives and embossing powders – all so you can add a little bling to your project. 


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