Gel Crayons Review

1 Dec

Guest Blog Post by Design Team Member Venisa Gallegos

Comments in italics from Deb



This month, Deb gave me some Faber-Castell Gel Crayons.  They are very soft and come in red, yellow, orange, dark blue, grass green, black, silver, neon yellow, neon orange, neon pink, neon blue and neon green.  The cool feature about these crayons is that they come in a nice carrying case and all the crayons are wrapped in twist-up holders.  They are about the thickness of a gelato stick.




I started to use them just like you would any crayon and just started coloring.  I can tell you they have a very smooth and buttery texture and lay down well on paper.  Pretty much what you get with regular crayons, but I then wanted to see how they performed on fabric.  I pulled out some stencils and proceeded to color some white tone on tone fabric that I had (a very cool way to use these).  The crayons themselves are a little bit chunky and didn’t quite reach in all the corners of the stencil so I just grabbed a Q-top and moved the color where it was needed.  As you can see, the neon colors showed up very bright against the white tone on tone fabric.  To get even better coverage, I took a small wet wipe and ran it over the stencil (a trick I learned from Deb).  They aren’t listed as water soluble, but they seemed to work well with water.







In fact, I think using a wet wipe is the best way to apply and blend these crayons on the fabric.  A little messy but still fun.  To dry and “set” the colors I placed a paper towel on top of the fabric and then ran my iron over it.

Since Deb always gets asked if the fabric can be washed, I grabbed a bigger piece of white fabric and used a larger stencil so that I could use all the colors.



Since I knew I was going to wash this fabric, I spent more time heat setting it with my iron.  I spent probably two minutes going over the design.  So, what happened after washing?  As you can see from the images, I got mixed results.  Basically all the neon colors washed out but the regular basic colors remained.  A bit faded but you can still see the color.  So the lesson is, if you want to put it on fabric for washing, use only the regular, non-neon colors if you don’t want any color to wash out.

I decided to try the colors on black fabric and to my surprise the neon colors did not show up very well.  In fact, after a bit of ironing the colors basically disappeared.  And here I thought the neon colors would show up the brightest (this is why we test things out – so we know for sure).  What I didn’t expect was how bright the regular colors showed up on black as you can see in the figure below.  I added backing to the image and finished it by quilting in the colored areas.



I made a few more pieces where I just took the crayons and colored on the white tone-on-tone with the results shown below.  As you can see, I stitched one of the colored pieces of fabric with different colored threads.


stiched cloth


These are marketed for small children but you can have fun too. (lots of products marketed for kids are fun for adults too)


Thanks for a great review Venisa. I really love how the colors came out on the tone on tone fabrics. The crayons are available at Blue Twig Studio. Samples are at the shop if you want to see them in person. 


Let Your Inner Artist out to Play

Blue Twig Studio – 5039 N Academy Blvd – Colorado Springs, CO 80918



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    Great review!

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