Word of the Year

2 Nov

The 2015 year is winding down now. Soon 2016 will be here with all it’s freshness and newness. New beginnings and new ideas and a New Word of the Year.

by Deb Prewitt

by Deb Prewitt

So I wanted to revisit my 2015 Word of the Year and review how it showed up in my life. My word was CONNECT. I wanted to spend the year working on connections. With my family and friends, with my customers, with my business, with my self.

I think I did a pretty good job of connecting with my customers and with the shop. I did some reflection and connection with my own self and my art. I think my family and friends might have gotten the short end of the stick, because I don’t think I did such a good job of connecting more with them.

I even did my 365 Days of Art Challenge as postcards so I could send them out into the world and connect with people that way. While I have done a great job doing a postcard every day, I haven’t mailed off as many of them as I intended to. Perhaps I can still work on that part of the challenge a bit more over the next couple months.

Sometimes the words we choose don’t play out exactly like we planned. The words tend to go in directions we often don’t anticipate. Sometimes words have more than one meaning that we didn’t think about.   Nonetheless the Word of the Year is a powerful tool that we can use to improve our life, or at the very least understand it better, and I always enjoy the process.

I like to start thinking about the Word of the Year for the upcoming year before the New Year gets here. I usually start by making a list of words that appeal to me, and spend some time thinking about them, and then over the next few weeks I’ll pay close attention to how those particular words show up in my life and which ones really start to resonate.  Of course, we can’t always know how it is going to play out and that is the beauty of it.

I do know that the word will find it’s way into my life and show up in unexpected ways. Choosing a Word of the Year is setting an intention for the upcoming year. It is powerful. Select wisely.

I’ll let you know in a few weeks what word I have chosen. I hope you will join me on this venture and share your Word of the Year with me.


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