Book Club – Art Before Breakfast

25 Oct

Another month and another book! For October we read “Art Before Breakfast” by Danny Gregory.

Art Before Breakfast

Art Before Breakfast

This book is fun and quick to read. Danny Gregory is one of those people who seems like one of us. He gives the impression that he struggles with the same artistic and creative issues that the rest of us do. He has just chosen to embrace those issues and face them head on. And now he is telling us how he did it. There are lots of pictures and samples of his daily/regular art practices. He makes it look easy and simple – mostly because it is!!!!

This book talks about how you can just start doing regular, daily art/drawing/sketching/painting. The idea of the “Art Before Breakfast” title, is that we should take a few minutes every morning and just draw our breakfast. Whatever that might be, just sketch it or paint it every morning. Doing this daily bit of art will eventually improve your skills, plus it is just fun!

But he also talks about just sketching whatever you might be looking at, no matter where you are at. If you are at the airport, just draw what you see. If you are watching TV, just draw what is in front of you. If you are on vacation, draw everything you see. Draw cars. Draw people. Draw food. Draw the money in your wallet. Draw your groceries. Draw your art supplies. Draw everything!!!!!!

He talks about art with a small “a” instead of art with a capital “A”. We are not making art for museums or for galleries or for any grandiose purpose. We are making art for us – because we need to do it – because we want to do it – because we deserve it. It is OK to make art just for ourselves.

Everyone is creative. Everyone can make “art”. You just have to decide to do it.

Danny Gregory offers up lots of fun exercises designed to ease you into doing something creative or artistic every single day (like drawing your breakfast every day).  What do you do to fuel your creativity every day?


Our book club selection for next month is “Lust for Life” by Irving Stone – a biographical novel about Vincent Van Gogh. 



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