Golden High Flow Acrylics review

20 Oct

Guest Blog Post by Design Team member Venisa Gallegos

Comments in italics by Deb 

So, this month, Deb gave me some Golden High Flow Acrylic paints to play with.  Included were the colors red and green and an iridescent silver. My first thought was, this will be an easy assignment and then reality set in.  What do I do with these High Flow paints? I decided to google how to use these paints and found that they have an ink-like consistency that can be used in painting, drawing, staining, glazing, inking, hand-lettering, spraying, and more. You can use them in an airbrush, dip pen or refillable marker (I loved using them in the markers).  What really caught my eye was that they come in Fluorescent colors.  Woo Hoo!  So, three colors was just not enough to play with so I went back and bought Fluorescent Yellow, Fluorescent Green and Pthalo Green (Blue Shade).  Armed with knowledge and supplies I set about my task.  (gotta love the florescent colors!)

  1. Application with Lutradur

But first I thought, why can’t I just use my regular Golden acrylics with water?  Won’t those be the same?  As it turns out, no they won’t.  Regular Golden Acrylics mixed with water get diluted.  So, that’s the big selling point with the High Flow Acrylics.  They give you concentrated color (which is extremely fluid).   I love working with Lutradur which is a non-woven, polyester fabric.  It’s basically a cross between paper and fabric.  So, I first sprayed the Lutradur with water and then started to splash the High Flow Acrylic paints onto a sheet of Lutradur.  I was immediately able to mix the colors around like finger paints to get an intense background of colors.  I was also able to easily drip and roll the paint around on the Lutradur.  The High Flow Acrylic did indeed brighten up certain areas on my sheet.  Once I had a good background I let the paint dry and once dry I stenciled on an image of a fern leaf (you know I have lots of stencils).  Since the Lutradur is polyester I used my wood burning tool with a sharp point and burned out the stenciled image.  Next, I bonded together several strips of Textiva (or Angelina film) and then put some shimmery Angelina fiber between the sheets.  I placed this between my cut out image and another piece of Lutradur that I colored.  The result is shown below.  I love how the intense colors on the Lutradur help highlight the fern leaf.




  1. Application with Canvas

For another application of the paints I took a sheet of canvas paper and sprayed it with water before again adding the High Flow Acrylic paints.  To see how the color compared with regular watered down acrylics I used some of my regular Golden paints to lay down a layer of blue.  Then, using the High Flow Acrylics I brightened up different areas of the canvas sheet.  I wanted to create highlighted colors that resembled water.  My thoughts on how to finish it was that once dry, I will be able to go back in and stitch around the more intense color areas and see what I get. OK, so I tried to sew through this and broke the needle.  Oh well.  But I still love how the Golden High Flow Acrylics gave me intense areas of color. (I’m sure you will find some use for this beautiful piece!)




  1. Application with Brusho Water Colors

Since the paints flowed like water I decided to use them with my set of Brusho Crystal Inks.  These are basically water colors.   I took some vellum paper and sprayed it with water and then added the Brusho Water Colors.  Next I dripped on some of the Iridescent Silver paint on the paper.  I really liked how the paint mixed with the water color and gave everything a shimmery look.





So, I found that what I liked best about the paints was that they produced intense colors and I could play with them like water colors.  Also, since they are acrylic, the paint can be painted over and not bleed or move around.  I’d definitely recommend trying some and seeing what you can do with them.  Now I have to go back and get some more of those magnificent fluorescent colors.


Thanks Venisa for a fun tutorial and review of products. Blue Twig Studio does carry the Golden High Flow Acrylics and the Brusho Crystals – however they are not currently listed on the website, so if you are interested let me know. The Lutradur and the Angelina are listed on the website. Or you can always stop by the shop to see what is available. ~Deb

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2 Responses to “Golden High Flow Acrylics review”

  1. kristin October 20, 2015 at 7:36 pm #

    Love, love, love high flow acrylics! i would recommend as well! ❤


    • Deb Prewitt October 20, 2015 at 8:07 pm #

      me too – I had a lot of fun playing with the ones I got. 🙂


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