Why do you Create?

30 Aug

Why Do You Create?

There are as many reasons for why people create as there are people. I think it is valuable to realize that your reasons are what is important. While it is always fun and entertaining to read about everyone else, it only matters what your own reasons are for creating. And sometimes we don’t really know why, and that is OK too.

by Deb Prewitt

by Deb Prewitt

Here are some typical reasons for creating.

  • to express myself
  • to share with others
  • to explore the world
  • it teaches me about who I am
  • it feeds my soul
  • it expands my awareness of the world around me
  • it helps me love more freely
  • I love experimenting
  • it is part of my journey
  • my family likes me better when I create
  • playing is important to me
  • it makes me happy
  • it helps me cope
  • it is just part of who I am
  • to connect with like-minded people
  • it helps me with my job
  • to stretch my imagination
  • to make beautiful things
  • to create gifts to share
  • it makes me a better person
  • I want to surround myself with beauty
  • I want to expand my horizons
  • it makes me feel more alive
  • it helps me survive during chaos
  • it helps me deal with the rest of life
  • I want to give my family the gift of imagination
  • I can’t help myself
  • it is how I learn
  • it completes me

Do these ideas resonate with you? Is your WHY on the list? Or perhaps you have a different WHY. Are you creating in order to find your WHY?

Have you changed your reasons over the years? I know mine have changed as I have become more in tune with what I am creating. Creating is a process, it is not the end result, and as I go through the various processes of creating, I learn more about myself and my art. As I create I find new ways to express myself and I understand more about myself. It is incredibly empowering.

by Deb Prewitt

by Deb Prewitt

Studies show that creativity is vital to our well-being. We need it to become more fully ourselves, but also to be happier and more well-rounded human beings. Creativity engages a different part of our brain than most of our normal daily activities, especially if we work in a very logical and ordered environment. Adding in some creative outlets completely changes our point of view and engages us in new and exciting ways. It helps to make us better at our jobs and our relationships. Besides, it makes us happy and helps us to have more fun! And I am all for that!

I believe that creativity is an integral part of our lives. We need it to function and grow as human beings. Everyone needs to add that little bit (or a lot) of creativity to their daily lives. But creativity can take many forms. It is not just about art, which is what we generally think of when talking about creativity. Creativity can be in the way you cook your family’s meals, in how you decorate your home, in the loving way you tend your garden, etc.

Find your own way to be creative and embrace it! Find your WHY!  And remember to have FUN too!

by Deb Prewitt

by Deb Prewitt


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2 Responses to “Why do you Create?”

  1. Chambers Carin August 30, 2015 at 7:57 pm #

    No mention of stimulating your Amygdala???? ?-)


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