Pan Pastels Review

16 Jun

Guest blog post by Design Team member Deborah Pace

Comments in italics by Deb Prewitt

Supplies:  Pan Pastels, Sponge Applicator and tools, stamps, VersaMark, various papers

pan pastels 074

1.  I applied the different colors of the pan pastels to different papers to see what they would look like.  Starting from top center moving clockwise:  Navy blue cardstock, Tan cardstock, white cardstock, manilla folder, black cardstock, Strathmore Tonal Tan paper, Watercolor paper and fun foam.  The pan pastels are very easy to apply and glide onto almost any stubstrate.  The sponge applicator can be used over and over again, just by wiping off the previous color on a paper towel (the sponges can also be gently washed with soap and water).  Water can also be added for a more painterly affect.
pan pastels 078
2.  A close-up of the the navy blue and black cardstock with the orange pan pastel on them.
pan pastels 079
3.  I cut a butterfly stencil and laid it on a piece of watercolor paper.  (Stencils are a great tool to use with the Pan Pastels) Going from the outside edge of the stencil inward, I apply the pan pastels.
pan pastels 080
4. I used the VersaMark Stamp Pad on the the stamps and stamped the watercolor paper.  I used the other part of the butterfly stencil as a mask when stamping to keep the stamps from going over the butterfly. Then I carefully applied the pan pastels over the stamped images.  With a paper towel, I lightly rubbed the excess off and then rubbed it onto the background.
pan pastels 083
~Deborah Pace
Thanks Deborah for sharing some of the ways to use the Pan Pastels. I absolutely love how easy they are to use. They blend super well and create great results with minimal effort. 
Pan Pastels come in single pans, small sets, medium sets, large sets. There are basic colors, metallics, pearlescents, and blenders. All of the colors work with each other. There are also pan pastel trays for easy storage and various sponges and tools to assist your creativity. 
A little bit of color goes a long way, so these pans will last a really long time!!!!
Let Your Inner Artist out to Play
Blue Twig Studio
5039 N Academy Blvd – Colorado Springs, CO 80918

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