April ATC Challenge – Architecture

1 Apr

We are ready for the April ATC challenge. For April the theme is Architecture. I have always loved looking at beautiful architecture and building planning and seeing the ways that creative people interpret architecture and how they use their designs in context with surroundings or with themes or maybe something completely out of this world.  (The photos of the March ATC theme of Fairy Tales will be posted soon.)


How can you interpret the theme of Architecture? Can you use existing architecture? Can you create your own architecture? Can you combine architectural styles?

© Mary Lane | Dreamstime Stock Photos

© Mary Lane | Dreamstime Stock Photos


Perhaps you will look at a specific aspect – like windows?

© Monkie | Dreamstime Stock Photos

© Monkie | Dreamstime Stock Photos

Or maybe bridges?

© Chrisharvey | Dreamstime Stock Photos

© Chrisharvey | Dreamstime Stock Photos


Or clock towers?

© Kmitu | Dreamstime Stock Photos

© Kmitu | Dreamstime Stock Photos

Will you use your local architecture or perhaps something famous and well-known?

© Cfan | Dreamstime Stock Photos

© Cfan | Dreamstime Stock Photos

I know you will be creative and inspiring.


© Geotrac | Dreamstime Stock Photos

© Geotrac | Dreamstime Stock Photos


 There are so many ideas to choose from? (so maybe you will have to make more than 1 ATC?)

© Rob Bouwman | Dreamstime Stock Photos

© Rob Bouwman | Dreamstime Stock Photos




The idea with doing the monthly ATC challenge is that you can interpret the theme any way you like and explore the various ways the theme can be used. It’s a great way to try out some new technique or product and play with new ideas. I find it very exciting to see how people choose to portray the theme.

I’d love to see what you create for this theme. Remember, you only need to send in one ATC (of course you can send in as many as you like), but you can’t win if you don’t enter.

Artist Trading Cards: A little bitty piece of art created by you. Here are the rules guidelines for the challenge.

  • your ATC needs to be 2.5″ x 3.5″
  • you can use any medium you like (paper, fabric, metal, clay, etc)
  • you can use any technique you like (a great way to try something new)
  • art work is on the front
  • your personal info is on the back (name, location, contact info, date, title)
  • all skill levels welcome
  • this is a WTA – winner take all – so one person will ‘win’ all of the ATCs submitted (if we get more than 20 entries, there will be 2 winners – if we get more than 30 entries, there will be 3 winners, and so on)
  • submit one ATC (you get one chance to win with each ATC submitted – if you submit more than one you get extra chances – but make them different since one person might win all of them)
  • you can’t win if you don’t enter 🙂
  • deadline is April 30th – you can drop it off if you are local or mail it to the address below

I’d like it if you could include your city, state and country on the back side of your ATC.  We have several Int’l participants as well as people from all over the USA, and I know they would love it if they knew where you were from. We don’t all know each other personally, so the info you provide is greatly appreciated. Another idea is to include your email or blog address as well. It’s not necessary, but nice for the winner to have in case they would like to contact you.



I look forward to seeing what you create for the Architecture theme.  Turn your ATCs in by the end of the month to be included. Thanks to everyone who participates and sends in your ATCs each month. Feel free to invite your friends to join the fun. This is definitely the type of challenge that is better with more entries.

© Jxpfeer | Dreamstime Stock Photos

© Jxpfeer | Dreamstime Stock Photos

I’ll be posting the March entries in a few days.

For those of you wanting to plan ahead, the May theme is Tea Party.


Let Your Inner Artist out to Play

Blue Twig Studio – 5039 N Academy Blvd – Colorado Springs, CO 80918 – USA



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