Vintage art project

21 Mar
Guest post from design team member Deborah Pace
Comments in italics by Deb Prewitt
ExtravOrganza and TAP

ExtravOrganza and TAP

DSC_0057 - Copy
2. Optional Supplies: Lace , Gessoed Art Board, Muslin, Valdani Thread, Paper Roses, A Cute Card
DSC_0059 - Copy
3. Choose a photo for printing.  It can be the same photo for both the ExtravOrganza and Transfer Artist Paper, or two different photos.  I chose this one that I found on the Internet.  The black and white photo on the left, I printed on the Transfer Artist Paper.  the color photo on the right, I printed on the ExtravOrganza. Print your photos for both TAP and ExtravOrganza according to the directions on the package. reading the directions is always a good idea
DSC_0068 - Copy
4. Take a piece of muslin and cut or tear it slightly larger than your photo.  I used a piece I had laying around that was wrinkly and was stained.
DSC_0070 (2) - Copy
5.  Take the photo you printed on the ExtravOrganza and peel off the paper backing.  Lay it on top of the muslin, centering the photo.  Now pin the photo to your muslin piece.
DSC_0074 (1) - Copy
6.  Using the Valdani Thread, hand stitch the photo to the muslin, using a button hole stitch.
DSC_0076 - Copy
7.  Here is the photo with the stitching complete.
DSC_0081 - Copy
8.  Optional:  If you want more of a shabby chic look, stitch around the button hole stitch with your sewing machine and start to pull the threads from the muslin fabric away.
DSC_0085 (1) - Copy
9.  Embellish your piece with the lace and paper roses.  I also added a small pearl for an earring. those little bits of embellishing really make a difference
DSC_0058 - Copy
Originally, I was going to put the black and white photo that was printed on the Transfer Artist Paper and the colored photo printed on the ExtravOrganza together creating a shadowy affect.  BUT!  I forgot, you have to turn the Transfer Artist Paper over to iron on the transfer.  So, what happened?  This is what happened. it is a cool effect though One thing you need to remember when printing on the Transfer Artist Paper, is that you need to print in reverse, especially if there are words.
Black & White - Copy
10.  I noticed on the black and white photo that some of the transfer was starting to come off because of all the handling.  I am not sure if you can see that in the photo. no we can’t really tell, but we believe you
DSC_0088 (1)
11.  That gave me the idea to crumple the paper, causing more of the transfer to flake off, thus creating a photo that looked aged and old.  I flipped the photo over onto the Gessoed Art Board, placed a piece of cloth over the photo and with a hot iron, ironed it onto the Gessoed Art Board.
12.  I really liked the way it turned out, but did not like the big white circle down in the lower left side of the photo.  So, to remedy that, I glued a paper flower over it.  I strung some small pearls onto a string and glued them around her neck.  Then I added a bit of color to her lips, cheeks, hair and scarf.
The cute card that was listed at the beginning under optional supplies.  Well, once again, I messed up on that one and forgot to reverse my picture before printing. I wonder what you were planning with the card?
Deborah A. Pace, CZT 11
Multi/Mixed Media & Fiber Artist

Thanks Deborah for another great tutorial. I love using both of these products to create various effects. If you haven’t used them before, I hope you get the chance to experiment with them. 
Let Your Inner Artist out to Play
5039 N Academy Blvd – Colorado Springs, CO 80918

2 Responses to “Vintage art project”

  1. kristin March 22, 2015 at 7:03 am #

    loved this product review!! i have always wondered about these types of products but, have never actually used them!


    • Deb Prewitt March 22, 2015 at 7:45 am #

      they are really easy to use and you can have a lot of fun playing and experimenting with them.


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