100 days to 100% – Day 90

17 Aug

Day 90 of our challenge of 100 days to 100%. I’ll bet you already feel 100% better! YES!!!!


Have you followed through on your commitment to this challenge? Exercising – eating right – sleeping enough – nurturing your soul and your spirit – learning about yourself and what you love most – growing as a person?

This journey has been incredible and I am so glad you are on it with me.

I actually had one of those Aha! moments, when something just clicks and you wonder why you never noticed it before?  I recently  injured my knee and so I have been unable to walk or do much exercise. While it is much much better now, it is not at 100%, so I am still taking it easy and being careful so I don’t re-injure it. Set-backs like this happen, and we just need to move forward again when we are able, and make the necessary adjustments as we go.

The Aha! moment came when I noticed that as soon as I was not getting in my daily walks, I also stopped doing the other things that were good for me (or at least not doing them as much). Now granted, I was traveling part of the time which offers a whole bunch of other obstacles for us to deal with, but I started noticing that I wasn’t preparing my daily smoothie, wasn’t paying attention to what I was eating, wasn’t going into my art studio, wasn’t playing the piano, wasn’t taking care of myself, etc.

There seems to be this connection between each of the components of taking care of ourselves. When one of them starts getting neglected (for whatever reason), the rest soon follow suit. Hmmm. As I thought about it, I realized that this is typical for me, which means it is probably typical for others too. Of course, I knew it was all connected – I just didn’t realize how literal that connection was.

If I start exercising, then I start eating better, then I start sleeping better, then I start doing things that I love, then I start noticing what is important to me, then I start thinking about my life journey and purpose, then I start making art, and then I feel happier and more grateful and so I start exercising more, and it creates a full circle. I can start anywhere along this circle, and each part leads to the next part. Amazing!

But if I break the circle anywhere along it, then soon all the other parts start getting neglected. WOW! Have you noticed this happening to you too? It is all connected – it is difficult to just do one part of this circle. As we start focusing on one of these elements, the others all start falling into place. That is so incredibly empowering! You don’t have to set out to completely change all these different elements, which can be overwhelming to think about. You can just start anywhere and soon the circle will be complete. AHA!!!!


I’m not sure why I never really noticed this before, but I am happy to know about it now. It makes it so much easier to get back on track if I start to neglect myself again, or if an injury (like this time) puts me off track. It gives me a sense of empowerment! I can just choose one area to focus on and the rest will follow suit. YES!!!

Has your journey of 100 days to 100% been smooth? Or have you had some set-backs? How did you compensate and adjust? The journey is never going to be smooth and wrinkle-free. But if we are always moving forward, then we are on the right track.



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