100 days to 100% – Day 70

28 Jul


100 days to 100% day 70! Amazing! Did you think you would stick with it this long? Did you think I would stick with it? 🙂

One thing about committing to a challenge, especially on a public forum like this, is that it makes it easier to follow through with it. I find that if I can have somebody do something with me or hold me accountable somehow, then I am more likely to do it. I think most of us are.

Sure, that self-motivation and personal journey stuff works. I’ve done it myself with good results.  I know for a lot of people that works best.  I also know that sometimes it is nice to have somebody along for the ride! Do you like the public accountability? Or would you rather nobody knew you were doing it? Do you have a workout buddy? Or do you go it alone? Have you convinced your family that this is a fabulous idea? Or did you even share with them what you were doing?

I hope by now you have let go of the guilt of taking care of yourself. 30 days to go! Woo hoo!



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