Week 21 – 365 day challenge

27 May

Week 21 is in the books!!!! I really am glad I decided to do this challenge. It really does make me think about making something creative for at least a few minutes every single day. That is so important to do. Sometimes it helps jumpstart me to do something else. Sort of like priming the pump (I know some of you  will get that reference!).

So here are this weeks inchies and twinchies. A variety as always, because I wouldn’t want to do the same thing too many days in a row, would I? 🙂  There is some paint, some texture, some stitching, some drawing.

And I did my sketch this week. We had our first sketch group meeting last week and we set up a still life to be drawn. I know it is not my favorite thing to sketch from a still life, but I also am doing this challenge to learn and grow my sketching and drawing abilities. It was quite peaceful to sit and draw quietly in a group setting for a couple of hours.

by Deb Prewitt

by Deb Prewitt

How is your own personal journey going? If you have gotten off track or missed some days, don’t worry about it. You don’t need to go back and catch up (that just creates extra stress).  Just start where you are now and go forward. And feel free to share your journey here.



Let Your Inner Artist Out To Play

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4 Responses to “Week 21 – 365 day challenge”

  1. Sonja Milojevic May 28, 2014 at 10:25 am #

    Gorgeous collection! I can’t wait to see them all framed!
    I gave up making them. Sometimes I make four or five and then nothing for the whole month. But there are so many other things I do. I guess it doesn’t matter as long as my muse is here. 🙂


    • Deb Prewitt May 28, 2014 at 12:43 pm #

      You are right. You don’t have to continue with these if you are feeling your muse beckoning you to do something else.


  2. Lynnita Knoch May 28, 2014 at 2:02 pm #

    Your inchies and twinchies are so inspirational! I also can’t wait to see them all framed! With life the last couple weeks, I haven’t hardly been on the computer, except to add photographs. I did some digital manipulation of photos this week for my “sketching.” http://lynnitaknoch.blogspot.com/2014/05/week-21-of-365-days-of-art-challenge.html. I’m ready to start some real sketching again!


    • Deb Prewitt May 28, 2014 at 2:17 pm #

      I love what you are doing with the digital art. How fun!


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