Creativity & Shopping – the next great duo!

16 Apr

I think most of us usually think of creativity and art as something quite different and separate from shopping for clothes. However, I recently did a little art project at a local dress shop and although there was a bit of skepticism to start with, in the end everyone had a lot of fun.

I teamed up with The Garment Gal, which is a women’s consignment store. She has 2 shops (one in Loveland and one here in Colorado Springs) and is always doing something fun and different to bring people into the shops. We decided to team up and do an art project one evening. We chose to do Zentangle® for several reasons.

1. Anyone can do it….really!

2. It isn’t messy like doing something with paint or glue.

3. It can be adjusted to fit the time available.

4. There isn’t any special equipment or tools needed. I brought the few supplies necessary with me to share.

I decided that since we were at a clothing store that it might be fun to do something a little bit different from the typical beginner Zentangle class that I offer. So I designed a little dress to be used as our string. I even added a little pop of red just for fun. So cute.

These are my demo tiles.

The women gathered to browse around the shop and mingle a bit, and we had refreshments out as well. And then we took a creative break and drew our little Zentangle dresses.  There were some art people in attendance, who completely embraced the project. There were also a few women that were absolutely positive that they were not creative and could not do this, but they were troopers and gave it a go.

And of course, they absolutely could do it! That is the wonderful thing about Zentangle…..anyone can do it. They were amazed by what they created and had a lot of fun with it, which always makes me happy. 🙂 Each person interpreted the patterns in their own way to create something that was all theirs. No two are alike, which is exactly why I love Zentangle.

These are the tiles that the group made. Aren’t they adorable? (sorry the picture quality is not very good, but hopefully you get the idea of how cute they are and how unique each one is)

Zentangle Dresses at The Garment Gal

Zentangle Dresses at The Garment Gal

After our art break…..which everyone agreed helped relax them and calm them down after busy and hectic days at work….then they all went back to shopping and trying on clothes. Everyone was loosened up a bit, and we had a great time modeling the different clothes for each other and everyone went home with something new from The Garment Gal.

Creativity & Shopping – can it be the next great team? Like Chocolate & Peanut Butter? Like Tracy & Hepburn? Like Black & White? The Garment Gal & Blue Twig Studio?  I think so!

~Deb Prewitt, CZT

Blue Twig Studio – 5965 Whiskey River Dr – Colorado Springs, CO 80923 – USA

Let Your Inner Artist Out To Play

If you are interested in taking a Zentangle class, please leave me a message and let me know. You can find the current class schedule by clicking the events tab on the Blue Twig Studio home page.  If you are interested in hosting a Zentangle class at your business or home, I would be happy to coordinate that with you.


2 Responses to “Creativity & Shopping – the next great duo!”

  1. Sonja Milojevic April 26, 2013 at 9:09 am #

    Deb that is such a great idea! You are amazing! The tiles are gorgeous. That little red accent makes everything come to life. Oh, I would never thought the two could be combined – zentangles and clothes. Amazing! 🙂


    • Deb Prewitt April 26, 2013 at 2:43 pm #

      I thought the dresses were a cute idea. Next time we might do shoes, or maybe handbags or hats. 🙂


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