Blue Box Art Party in a Box

15 Jan

My friend Cass recently hosted a Blue Box art party in a box at her home. She was gracious enough to invite me to be there along with her other guests. So I took photos and gathered input from the other participants. Of course I knew how to create the art piece and hoped that the instructions were easy to understand for both creative types and non-creative types of guests. Watching the party in action was a great opportunity for me. Thanks Cass!

First of all, there was a great mix of guests there, as well as an awesome selection of chocolate and wine and other beverages. It was already a good party before we even get started on the art!

But we did eventually get started being creative. We did the step-outs that were included in the directions and each of us used the paints in different ways, making our pieces uniquely ours from the get-go.

Then we got busy with adding the stencils and paint to create our Branches artwork.

In between steps there was a lot of laughter and a bit of dancing and, of course, trips to the kitchen to get more chocolate and wine (to keep up our strength and energy only :)).

Then on to another layer of paint and then adding our personal quotes or words and other details to make each piece unique and personal. And we all signed and dated our artwork too (as all great artists do!). Aren’t these pieces fabulous?

All in all, it was a fun party and everyone went home with their completed art piece. As the hostess Cass was able to keep all the leftover products as well as enjoy her hostess gift (there is a surprise hostess gift in every box). Everyone seemed to have a lot of fun and the party was a huge success. Here are a couple of quotes from two of the guests.

This is a wonderful activity for all artistic levels. As a non artist, I walked away with self-created art, good enough to hang on the wall!  ~Robin

Had a blast – would like to do a few more!  ~Meg G

The Blue Box art parties are designed to be completed in 2-3 hrs time, and are suitable for both beginner and more advanced level participants. Everything you need to host the party in your own home is included (except for paper towels and a hair dryer to speed up drying times). OK – you also have to provide your own refreshments. 🙂

What a fun idea for a birthday party or bridal shower or family get-together. It is a unique activity and loads of fun! Plus you end up with art work – how cool is that? If you are interested in hosting your own Blue Box party, you can find the options here on the Blue Twig Studio website. There are currently 2 different art projects available, in both a 5-person box and a 10-person box. More art projects are on the way in the near future.

Let Your Inner Artist Out To Play

~ Deb

Blue Twig Studio – 5965 Whiskey River Dr – Colorado Springs, CO 80923 – USA

2 Responses to “Blue Box Art Party in a Box”

  1. Sonja Milojevic January 16, 2013 at 2:50 am #

    Beautiful art pieces! And I can see you had a great time. Friends, wine, chocolate and paint – a recipe for a good good time! 🙂


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