Fabulous Fiber Arts Show!

27 Nov

We had a fabulous Opening Night at Stargazers Theater for our Colorado Springs Fiber Artists show (well everything except for the people who had their car broken into – that was horrible!).

Our group started by combining members from 2 different groups into a new group – the Colorado Springs Fiber Artists. We had an idea for a Challenge project – Along The Trail. We had 20 packets – each person received the same Trail fabric which had to be used in their piece. We weren’t allowed to see each other’s work until we were all finished. So nobody knew what the other’s were creating. It was really quite exciting to see the final Trail project completed and hung up. We ended up with 19 total pieces, with everything from literal Trail interpretations in the mountains and trees (we are in Colorado) to a beach scene to a fish pond to abstract art. So much fun to do this kind of project.

We were hanging the show at Stargazers Theater, which has a lot of wall space to use, so we opened it up to allow members of the group to contribute other pieces of fiber art to be hung. I do believe we covered nearly every bit of empty wall space in the building. I encourage you to check out the show if you are in the Springs area. Since Stargazers is a live event venue, you can only see the show if you attend one of the events. But it is worth it to see (plus a lot of pieces are on sale – and it is the gift-giving season – just saying!).

Here is a slide show of the pieces. I snapped one of the Thin Air Jazz Band that was playing for our opening night. They were really great too! Because of some of the angles and the dimly lit theater, I didn’t get a good view of all of the art work (plus people were looking at the pieces and I wasn’t going to shoo them away). I think I missed a few pieces and I apologize if I don’t have photos here of ALL the art. I tried to get everything but I know I missed a few.

And while I was organized enough to bring my camera with me, I wasn’t organized enough to actually write down the names of all of the pieces and who the artist was. You will have to go to the show to find out that info. 🙂

The Trail Project pieces were in a separate alcove (which looks very nice) but because of that I couldn’t get a photo of all the pieces in a row, so they are in groups. But you can still get the idea of the Trail. Enjoy the show!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thanks to everyone who came out to view the Opening Night reception for the show, and a special thanks to Barb Allen for doing so much work to get it all organized. And thanks to Stargazers Theater for allowing us to use their space to showcase our art work.


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3 Responses to “Fabulous Fiber Arts Show!”

  1. Sonja Milojevic November 28, 2012 at 2:38 am #

    OMG these pieces are amazing! I can’t believe how beautiful it all looks! Total admiration.


    • Deb Prewitt November 28, 2012 at 9:31 am #

      Thanks Sonja. It was great to see all the work on the walls, and to listen to the comments made by other people that were there.



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