Making Monsters

24 Oct

I took a class at Art & Soul in Portland called Monster Lab, by Andrew Dyrdahl. There were only 2 of us in the class, so we got great undivided attention and instruction. The class was fun and very creative. I ended up finishing one doll in class and starting a second one (for my sister who couldn’t attend :() They turned out super cute (I know they are monsters and supposed to be scary, but they are not!) and now I am in love with them.

This is the first doll I made for me. Her name is Miss Trixie Darling. The photo isn’t very good I’m afraid, but hopefully you get the idea of her.

Miss Trixie Darling by Deb Prewitt

Here is the Misfit doll I made for my sister Teresa. She turned out super cute and I can’t wait to find out what my sister decides to name her.

Misfit doll I made for my sister


Yesterday I started creating some more little monster dolls. It is a great way to use up scraps and mismatched buttons and bits of trim, etc. They are kind of addictive. I started putting some dolls together and planning them and got so excited about all the ideas in my head for these funky misfit dolls. I just wanted to keep going. How many can I make?

Then comes the fun part of naming them. They each have their own personality and deserve their own little misfit names. I will post more photos as I finish these little misfit cuties up. Hmmm….what do you think about the name Misfit Cuties for these dolls?


Let your Inner Artist Out To Play

Blue Twig Studio – 5965 Whiskey River Drive – Colorado Springs, CO 80923 – USA


3 Responses to “Making Monsters”

  1. Sonja Milojevicsonjamilojevic October 25, 2012 at 11:55 am #

    Deb your dolls are just too cute! You are right, they do have their own personality. It’s so obvious. 🙂 Make more please and show them to us!


    • Deb Prewitt October 25, 2012 at 3:42 pm #

      I am making more of them. I will post photos when they are done!



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    […] Making Monsters ( […]


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