Intl Shipping

28 Jul

I recently spent a good chunk of a day installing International Shipping on my website. There have been requests before, but it was a bit of work to do it and I wasn’t sure I was prepared to ship Intl. Before this, I had let customers request an Intl order and I would process it and ship it outside of the website – doing it all manually. Which isn’t a lot of work, but I think some people felt that they were imposing if they requested that option.

Now you can order directly through the website and it will process your Intl order and payment. YAY! I may need to adjust the shipping rates after a trial run, but for now there is flat rate shipping depending on how much you spend.

I still expect you to be responsible for your order and whether or not what you order will pass through your own country’s customs dept. I cannot possibly check each and every country to determine what their specific requirements are.

If you have been waiting and wondering about Intl shipping – the Blue Twig Studio website is now shipping worldwide!!!


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