Product Review – Mistyfuse

11 Jun

There are many different types of fusibles on the market. All different types, for different uses, for different budgets, etc. So many to choose from. And everyone you talk to has their favorite that they always recommend. Well I am here to tell you what I recommend. 🙂

White Mistyfuse

Mistyfuse is a wonderful fusible product. It is paper-less and extremely light-weight, and is suitable for all weights and types of fabrics, from velvets and cottons to tulles and organzas, and everything in between. It handles nicely, is very sheer, it is easy to sew through, and it isn’t bulky in your project. And since there are no added adhesives, it won’t gum up your scissors or needles. Mistyfuse White is suitable for most fabrics and colors.

Mistyfuse Black

Then you have the Mistyfuse Black for use with dark fabrics, or when fusing a light fabric onto a dark background. It’s great for adding a shadow effect also.

Mistyfuse Ultraviolet

Then you have the MistyfuseUltraviolet fusible. Exposure to UV rays have been shown to cause fusibles to tan or darken, thus possibly changing the colors of your work. Mistyfuse Ultraviolet is specially formulated with a UV stabilizer to protect against the tanning effect of UV rays. You may want this fusible for your art quilts that may be hung where there is excessive exposure to UV rays.

You can also use Mistyfuse on items other than fabric. Try it with paper, metal, wood, ribbon, etc. Anything that you can use an iron on!  Think of the mixed media project options! Go ahead and get out some stuff to play with and see how you like it. Mistyfuse is super easy to use and I think that you will start using it in all your projects, once you give it a try. I know I love it!


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