Houston Market Photos

1 Nov

OK. I am home from Houston Quilt Market and somewhat rested now, so I thought I could post some photos from the trip.

The first day Liz and I arrived in Houston to meet Ruth (after taking two days to drive which was so much better than doing it all in one day like last year) we had plenty of time to do something. So we decided to take the afternoon and head down to Galveston and see the Gulf coast. The weather was hot and humid (of course) but walking along the beach in the ocean water was wonderful. Coming from Colorado where we have very little water and certainly no ocean water, it was soothing and calming and amazing. The sand was so incredibly soft that it was more silt than sand, like walking in sifted flour. We gathered some sea shells and took some photos and eventually decided we should go walk around town and check out more of the sights. It was pretty quiet around town, with very few people out and about, but perhaps it was the off-season. We stopped in a few shops, including some antique stores which had fun stuff. We enjoyed seeing some of the beautiful Victorian architecture on the island. Here are a few photos of the Island.

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Then off to Market to see what there was to see. Liz and Ruth both had classes and book signings to deal with and I went along to help out as well as I could. But I was really there to search out vendors and look at new products and ideas, so off to walk the floor. I love walking around the Market to see the beautiful booths and displays. There are some amazing displays. The vendors really do a great job setting up their spaces. So much eye candy out there. I only took a few photos. Mostly I kept forgetting to get my camera out. But also I kept feeling like a tourist at the Market! Here are a few pictures.

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The Market was great and I have some fun new products on the way. Can’t wait for them to start arriving. Be sure to check out Blue Twig Studio website for new products as they come in. Also stay tuned for info on an Open House on Nov 10th, where you can stop by and see some of the new goodies.





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