Challenge – Erosion Bundles

24 Oct

Is everyone ready for another challenge project? I definitely learned a few things from the first challenge.

  1. Make the deadline shorter (longer if needed). While a couple of people started right away working on their challenge, most people seemed to wait until the last couple weeks before starting, so maybe we don’t need so much time on most projects.
  2. I should have taken photos of the before packets myself.
  3. I should have numbered the packets that I sent out to track them better.
  4. Have a venue for showing the final project set up ahead of time.
  5. Don’t expect 100% completion rate. People have lives and other commitments and families and jobs…….those that can finish the challenge will do so. I don’t want the challenges to be a burden for those who want to participate.
  6. Have some prizes to give out.
  7. Remember it is all about having FUN!

I’m hoping to offer up a new Challenge every month. I have a ton of ideas to put into play. I loved the Wedding Dress Challenge and the variety of projects  that came out of it. Such fabulous creativity!

So are you ready for another Challenge? Have you heard of Erosion Bundles? They are bundles of stuff – fabric, paper, metal, organic material – all tied up in a bundle and placed out in the environment for a period of time (usually months) and allow Mother Nature to alter the bundle. At the end of the timeframe you remove the bundle from the environment you placed it in and open it up and see what you have.  The materials you used may have broken down or completely disintegrated, will most likely change colors and create new patterns and textures.

Here is your task. Create your own erosion bundle for this challenge.

  1. Create a bundle of your own. Use any materials you would like – various fabrics and fibers, different papers, rusty metal, coffee grounds, tea bags, leaves and branches, etc – and tie it up with twine or wire or ribbons.
  2. Take a photo of your before bundle and your contents so we know what you started with.
  3. Place your bundle outside somewhere. You can tie it to a tree branch, bury it in your garden, stick it in a flower-pot on your patio, nail it to a fence. Use your imagination.
  4. Now the hard part. You have to wait. And wait some more. For best results you should leave your bundle outside for 3-6 months. We will unwrap our bundles next Spring.
  5. When you unveil your Erosion bundle you will take new photos of your bundle to share with us, so we can see how much Mother Nature affected your bits and pieces.
  6. The final part of the challenge is optional. Create something using your bundle pieces. Be sure to take more photos here as well.

I have seen many erosion bundles and they are all different and unique. The effects of Mother Nature can be quite varied depending on the amount of water and wind and snow and ice, etc.

Here is what I started with for my bundle. Some silk fabric, a silk scarf, some bits of muslin, some ribbons, some random papers and book pages, rusty wire pieces, magazine pages, coffee filters, coffee grounds, branches, silk flowers, paper towels, and some silk fibers.

Makings of my Erosion Bundle

Here is my bundle all tied up with lots of pretty string and ribbon.

Bundle tied up

Then I dug a hole in my flower bed and buried it. I have sandy soil, but there is a nice layer of mulch on top too. I put it next to a rock so I can find it in the spring.

Buried bundle

Now I have to wait. I am hoping for a good winter to help Mother Nature do her work. Of course, I don’t really like good, harsh winters at all. But for this project, I guess I am hoping for some weather to really affect the bundle and give me some awesome pieces to work with.

If you want to be part of this, just let me know. Send me your before pictures of what you bundle up and a note as to where you are placing it. If you are going to bury it, you need to get it done before the ground freezes. If you are tying it to a tree or fence post, you can wait a little bit longer to do it. Then wait. In the spring, I will send out an announcement to dig up your erosion bundles and see what has happened. And then you will send me your after pictures so I can share them. I can’t wait to see what happens to everyone’s bundles.

If you want to find out more about Erosion Bundles, there are plenty of photos on the web and blog posts and articles that have been written about the process.



4 Responses to “Challenge – Erosion Bundles”

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  2. Annie James November 3, 2011 at 7:05 am #

    How much fun will this be!! I have never heard of erosion bundles, and my husband says I hear of everything! It will be really fun to do this one, and hopefully do a project with the bundle post erosion!! Can’t wait ti get started! Thanks for a great site,,Annie


    • lifeofdeb November 3, 2011 at 9:33 am #

      Hey Annie, I hope you do this with us. I love seeing what everyone else is making. If you want, just send me an email with the before pics and I will add you to my list, to remind you when to open your bundle and post pics.



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    […] Well it is Springtime here. And time to dig up the erosion bundle from last fall. How many of you buried something last fall? If you did, go dig it up now and see what happened to all the bits and pieces you used. For those of you who might be new readers, you can see what we did on this post here. […]


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