Faber-Castell Mixed Media

4 Aug

Faber-Castell is celebrating its 250th anniversary this year. Isn’t that amazing? The company was originally founded in 1761 in Stein, Germany, and is currently headquartered in Cleveland OH, USA. They are also a company that believes in sustainability, and they grow 215sf of wood every hour. WOW! They work to maintain a sustainable supply of timber without damaging natural resources. I believe that says a lot about a company.

We were aware that Faber-Castell was releasing some fun new mix and match mixed media products so we wanted to stop by the Faber-Castell booth at CHA and check it out. We did their make-n-take, which was a cute little paper banner. We got to use a bunch of the new products and had fun.

Deb Prewitt at Faber-Castell CHA

The new Art Grip Aquarelle Watercolor pencils were really great. They have flat sides, rather than being round, so they don’t roll away from you when you set them down. They also have these little raised dots on the barrel that help you grip the pencils easily. And they blend really well when you add water, so you can have all kinds of fun with them. They are waterproof and lightfast when dry, so it is easy to layer them.

We also got a chance to use the Stamper’s Big Brush Pen, which are an India Ink. They are waterproof, lightfast, and archival.  We got to apply the big brush color directly to the rubber stamps we were using, which is super easy to do. It is a great way to control the amount of ink on the stamp, or to add several colors to the stamp at once, or to only color in a portion of the stamp that you might want to use.

And the Metallic Gelatos are luscious. They come in a tube that is about the size of a chap-stick, and it glides just like a nice lipstick! They are creamy and come in lots of colors and the have a fun shimmer effect. You can blend them with water or with a sponge or your finger.

And of course, there are many other products by Faber-Castell that you will want to play with.   I hope you can try out some of the new products. The Mix & Match sampler packs are great. You choose a color that inspires you, choose a medium, and mix and match. The palettes are color coordinated to give you the freedom to design, knowing the colors will work together well.

Let Your Inner Artist Out To Play!



3 Responses to “Faber-Castell Mixed Media”

  1. Valerie August 4, 2011 at 7:22 pm #

    My wish list grows longer whenever I read your blog. If only I was rich 🙂 !


    • lifeofdeb August 4, 2011 at 7:51 pm #

      Ha Ha Valerie. Yes, I think it would be nice if we were all rich and could buy all of these yummy goodies!


  2. Kathy Genz August 9, 2011 at 9:34 pm #

    I’ve seen the ads for the Faber Castell sets. They look very interesting. Glad you are carrying them. See you Saturday at ATCs.


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