Robert Kauffman Charm Pack Challenge

13 Jul

I belong to the Front Range Modern Quilt Guild. The Modern Quilt Movement is so much fun with all the new modern quilt fabrics , modern designs and patterns, and the appeal to younger quilters, and the idea that we should stress less about perfection (matching points for example) and just finish our projects and use them! How refreshing!

Our guild recently participated in the Robert Kauffman Charm Pack Challenge. We were all given a charm pack of the RK solids. The challenge was to create a quilt using at least one small piece of each of the charm pack colors. The piece had to be a minimum of 40″ x 40″, but could be any size larger than that. We could add only one other fabric to the front of the piece (nearly everyone chose a solid) but could use whatever we wanted on the back side.

It is amazing what a group of women can come up with. We all started with the same charm pack and the same rules, but everyone’s quilts were so different.

Kauffman Challenge

This is my piece. I cut different size circles from each charm, then fused them together, then sliced them in half and lined them up off-kilter. I left raw edges on the circles and heavily quilted each of them. My intent was that as the quilt gets used and washed, the edges will fray and ravel a bit and I will have a more organic look to the quilt, hopefully like flowers.

The challenge was interesting as I don’t usually work with solids. I like prints! But it wasn’t nearly as difficult as I expected it to be. I will definitely try to do more of these challenges in the future.

2 Responses to “Robert Kauffman Charm Pack Challenge”

  1. Kathy King July 13, 2011 at 5:59 pm #

    Very nice, Deb. I like it! I, on the other hand, love solids and struggle with prints….


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