My Top 10 Favorite Art Supplies

10 Jul

OK. I admit it. The top 10 favorite art supplies changes fairly regularly. It’s all a matter of what I might be working on this week, or what new products I might be trying out, or what fun stuff I decide to experiment with. Which is good. I don’t really want this list to remain stagnant at all!

Here are this week’s favorites, in no particular order of course (because how could I choose?).

1.  Roc-lon Multi-purpose cloth. This stuff is so fabulous. You can do so many different types of techniques with it, that it truly is multi-purpose. If you haven’t tried it, you really should.

2.  Glimmer Mists. I love to spritz these on journal pages or tags or letters/envelopes. There are so many colors with so much sparkle to them. I love them all.

3.  Gel Mediums. These come in all types from soft gel to heavy gel, matte and glossy, thick and thin. You can use these as mixatives for your acrylic paints to extend them. Or you can use them as adhesives for just about anything you want to glue down. And as a sealant on top of a variety of items to hold everything in place and produce a nice finished surface.

4.  Copic markers. There are just so many colors to play with! They are great for drawing and sketching and coloring. Lots of fun.

5.  Tim Holtz embellishments. I couldn’t pick just one. There are so many different types of charms, and game pieces, and gears, and clips, and on and on and on.

6.  Alcohol Inks. These are so much fun to use. Especially great for metal or glass surfaces, but they can be used on any variety of surfaces to give a fun mottled effect or to age your papers, etc. And lots of colors to choose from.

7.  Tissue paper. So many colors are available out there. Plus I always keep any tissue paper that comes in gift packages, etc. And a lot of them bleed nicely when added to a journal page, etc. Use the tissue paper with a gel medium to attach to collages or journal pages. If you use the tissue paper on top of other paper, it is mostly transparent so you get a soft colored look.

8.  Heat gun. The heat gun is so nice to have. It will melt stuff (a whole other blog post to do one day), dry stuff, it is great for embossing or burning edges or creating holes.

9.  Micron pens. I love to do z e n t a n g l eâ work and the micron pens are perfect for that. They come in different nib sizes and different colors. So much fun!

10. Artist Transfer Paper. I love the TAP. I can print whatever I want on it, then trim it to size and iron it onto anything – fabric, metal, canvas, multi-purpose cloth, paper, etc. It is easy to use and has lots of idea potential.

So I can probably do one of these top 10 posts every week and have a whole different list each time. I really love all my art supplies and don’t want to leave anything out!

What are some of your favorite art supplies this week?


2 Responses to “My Top 10 Favorite Art Supplies”

  1. kathy c July 11, 2011 at 9:02 am #

    I guess right now I dont do a lot of crafts but i do drawings and a few paintings. So any drawing pencil,paper, paints and brushes just the basics. Also art journals, cant live with the gel mediums. I got a huge sketch pad and I think that made a big improvement for my drawing skills.


    • lifeofdeb July 11, 2011 at 9:27 am #

      Art Journals are so much fun. I love mine. I have several of them going at once.


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