What do you Crave?

1 Jun

What is it that you drool over? I’m not talking about chocolate cake, or diamond earrings, although those are nice. I’m talking about art supplies. What is it that you absolutely crave?

books and more books


I confess that I really, really, really, really, love books and magazines. Every time I see a new one I just have to have it. I love the pretty pictures, the creative energy, the fabulous new ideas or techniques, and the joy that comes from knowing there are so many other like-minded individuals out there.

Of course that doesn’t mean I don’t crave other things as well. Like all the new pens and pencils and markers out there. Everytime I turn around there is some new writing implement that will make my life better!

Or perhaps you love fabric. The feel of the new crisp material in your hands. The wonderful color combinations that there are. All the great new fabric designers that are releasing fun and funky new fabric lines. Don’t you just want some of everything?

Maybe you love tools. How many heat guns do you really need? There are great tools to do just about anything around your studio. Tools for drilling, and attaching, and taking stuff apart, and putting stuff back together again. Gadgets for just about every arts and crafts project you can think of!

And what about all the different kinds of glues and tapes and mediums and stuff? All kinds of cool ways to attach one thing to another or add some other layer to your work. Some are strictly work horses, but others are pretty as well as utilitarian.

Ah, the paint! The wonderful colors of paint. Water colors and oil colors and acrylic colors. And so many varieties and consistencies of paint. How can you possibly choose which one will do what you want? Do you have every color there is? Do you mix and match them all? Do you gravitate towards one type? Or one color?

And I love found objects. Game pieces and old books and broken watches and rusty nails and feathers and just about anything else you can think of. I’m sure there must be some use for this bit of twisted wire I found on the street……

So what is it that you drool over? What do you absolutely have to have? What aisle at the art store do you gravitate towards? I know there is something you crave! Do share with us, so we know we are not alone!




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