Personal Iconography

28 May

We all have a personal iconography list, but we don’t always realize it, or perhaps we don’t even know what it is. Your personal iconography is really just motifs and symbols and ideas that have personal meaning for you. They can be as simple and everyday as a cup of tea or as complex and personal as your religious beliefs, and everything in between. Knowing what your own personal icons are can be extremely helpful in allowing you to understand more about yourself and your art.

One of my own personal icons is the tree. I love trees and all that they represent. The roots that are strong and firmly planted in the earth. The branches reaching out to the sky above. The leaves that change with the seasons.  The shelter they can offer. The beauty and majesty and strength that they portray truly inspires me.

I would like to challenge everyone to create your own personal iconography list. You can just write them down, or try to create a visual image for each symbol. Think about what each one means to you, how it is represented in your everyday life and in your artwork. How can you truly embrace your icons? Can you find more opportunities to include them in future art pieces? Why do certain images resonate with you?

I love to read your comments

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